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Steve Grubbs Andrew Sedillo and Daniel Mintz Podcast Audio

Steve Grubbs: Welcome everybody to the Victory XR podcast. I’m Steve Grubbs, the CEO of Victory XR, and today we have two great guests, two people I’ve gotten to know and am very excited to have on. First is Dan Mintz, who is the department chair for IT, Information Technology at the University of Maryland […]


5 Ways Metaversities are Revolutionizing Higher Education

Metaversities, or virtual universities, are a new and exciting development in the world of higher education. By leveraging the power of technology and the internet, metaversities are able to offer students and educators a unique and flexible learning experience. Here are five ways that metaversities are revolutionizing higher education: 1. Flexible learning options: Metaversities offer […]


John King Presentation at Conference on the future of Europe

Ganesh: Just to introduce you. Here we have John King, higher education and sales director at VictoryXR. So, thank you for joining this discussion. John King: Thank you very much. Hopefully everyone can hear me. So, Ganesh, I appreciate you giving the intro and a nice segue into kind of what we’re doing in the […]


10 Cool Things You Get with a VXR.Direct VR Classroom Subscription

VXR.Direct has been called, ‘the Netflix of VR education content’ because it’s one low price of $10 per month gets an entire library of great content.  Here are 10 things teachers, students and parents LOVE about VXR.Direct: 1. The Great Wall of China! This global field trip takes students into the countryside to tour the Great […]


VR in Education: What the Data Says

The hype around virtual reality and the Metaverse is all around. We take a look at some of the data and what it says about learning retention. By Steve Grubbs and Jenny Witt In the 1920’s and ‘30’s radio in homes swept across the country and around the world. People were amazed that they could […]


Back-to-School with Free VR for Schools

VictoryXR Releases the King’s Labyrinth free to every school in the World August 10, 2022 VictoryXR announced Wednesday it has released its popular game, The King’s Labyrinth, free on Meta’s App Labs for use on the Quest 2 headset.  “This is our gift to students around the world, hoping back-to-school is just a little more […]