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VictoryXR Campus Brings Learning to Life

  • Imagine going to school in VR—what would you expect from an immersive learning experience aimed at your school-age self? It certainly wouldn’t be textbooks and detention. Instead, your expectations would come from your experiences. Video games, movies and books, most likely. Rather than reading about conditions on the Moon, you would travel there. Woolly mammoth skeletons? Time travel is possible in VR, so show us the ‘real’ thing. And so on, providing you with an immersive education that you can touch, see and hear, and is more impactful as a result.

Explore the Science Lab

  • Tour and interact with human organs. You are able to hold and enlarge each one to see down to the finest detail. Step inside the human heart and view what it looks like from the inside.
  • Learn about molecules. Enlarge and interact while working solo or in groups.

Teleport and Explore the Surface of the Moon

  • Take a tour of VictoryXR Campus’s planetarium, where you can take in a controllable star map on the ceiling and point out constellations.
  • Next, teleport Star Trek-style to the moon and see a full-scale recreation of an Apollo moon lander.

Field Trips Come to You

‘Substantive, accurate and standards-aligned’

Impressive as VictoryXR Academy is, and anyone taking the tour will be hard-pressed to find flaws, it is practical objections, such as educational quality and implementation, that educators might raise.

Cited from Virtual Reality World Tech

  • MUSEUM EXHIBITS: Imagine being able to visit the Smithsonian without having to leave your classroom. Stand below life scale models and experience history anytime. 
  • ANCIENT ARTIFACTS: Interact and engage with ancient artifacts. Enjoy a self-guided walking tour with “fact targets” that let you listen 1:1 about each one.

Affordable, Innovative, and Engaging

  • VictoryXR Campus, based on the Engage platform, will launch in August
  • The VR Campus will be priced at $10 per student (counting the entire student body), which provides a full subscription for the school year. A smaller pricing plan is in the works
  • Free, pre-recorded professional development mini-lessons will be available to subscribers, so that educators can acclimate to teaching in VR

Subscribers gain access to a library of VR learning assets numbering at more than 3,000, including human organs, planets, and artifacts from the Smithsonian. It also offers more than 100 virtual field trips around the world, and a similar number of 2D videos that teach different lessons, with more added all the time. And VictoryXR provides the classroom space. It is in both assets and space where VictoryXR Academy really excels.

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