Chemistry Wonderlab Launches on Windows Mixed Reality Platform

Redmond — For students who view chemistry as a mortal enemy, life just got a little easier. VictoryVR announced today the launch of the Chemistry Wonderlab on the Windows Store, designed for Microsoft’s Mixed Reality headset.

“I get it. Chemistry is hard, but in virtual reality, it’s a lot easier,” said Steve Grubbs, CEO of VictoryVR. “We brought in one of America’s best science teachers, virtual reality games and a fun field trip to make the whole subject not just less painful, but actually a lot of fun.”

Chemistry Wonderlab can be downloaded for $9.99 from the Windows store and used by families with an MR headset created by Acer, Dell, HP, or any of the other Microsoft hardware partners.

The VR science unit has five experiences, including a field trip to an antique truck museum where the chemistry of rust is considered as well as a matching game in Trickybeard’s Cave which helps students memorize the symbols for various chemistry elements.

Wendy, the Science Teacher, conducts an experiment in 360 surround video and two different stories carefully explain key chemistry concepts. For those interested in testing their knowledge, an assessment within the VR environment provides feedback.

Rene Gadelha, the curriculum specialist who oversaw the development of the unit said, “learning chemistry can be difficult, but studies show virtual reality provides a 60% lift for retention. That’s probably because it’s experiential and immersive, but either way, it works.”

See the product page here:

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