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VXRA Augmented Reality Lessons

  • Living in the Land of Dinosaurs (AR Book)
  • Human Anatomy (AR Book)
    • “Victor” the AR torso (AR 4D)
    • “Victor” the AR torso (2D Banner)
  • Space and Planets (AR Card Deck)
  • Cellular Biology (AR Card Deck)
  • Journey for Civil Rights (AR Exhibit)

VXR.direct Content

High School

  • Chemistry Adventures in the Wonderlab
  • Things That Go Boom
  • Getting Cheesy: Biochemistry Fun
  • Newton’s House of Forces
  • Purveyors Of Power & Propulsion
  • Racing the Waves of Radiation
  • Mechanized Mania
  • Adventure Learning Inside Humans
  • Genius Genetics
  • Mysteries & Mansions
  • From Slime to Dinosaurs: Adventures in Time
  • Food World: the Good, Bad and Stinky
  • In the Arena: Human Expansion
  • Body Awesome
  • Adventures in Space
  • Ancient Adventures
  • Lunar Learning & Earthly Rocks
  • Cataclysmic Earth
  • Oceans of Wonder
  • Expeditions in Ecology
  • Masters of Design
  • Take Flight!
  • Wild World of Wonder: Ag
  • Rad Robots on Wild Earth
  • Middle School
  1. Solids, Liquids, Gases – Oh My!
  2. Fiery Fiasco: Up In Flames
  3. Type & Transfer: Energy’s Profile
  4. Newton’s Notions In Motion
  5. Fabulous Fakery
  6. Analog vs. Digital: Battle of the Waves
  7. Nature’s Neighborhoods
  8. Cell Tour Galore!
  9. Circle of Life
  10. DNA: Crack the Code
  11. Eat to Compete
  12. Adapt and Move Forward 1 Space
  13. My Address Is Earth
  14. America’s Lakes & Rivers
  15. Flash & Flicker
  16. Rocks: Jam On!
  17. Forecasting Disaster
  18. Solar System Road Trip
  19. Terrestrial Terrains
  20. Land of Giants
  21. Aim High — Optimize
  22. Yellow Brick Road to Design
  23. Wright and Ferris
  24. The Solution Revolution

VXR.direct Additional Content

Dissection Simulator: Frog Edition
Chemistry in the Wonderland
Learn English: Basic Conversations
VR Cat Dissection: Purr-fect Procedure
VR Pig Dissection: Hoggin the Scalpel
VR Dogfish Dissection: Diggin the Dogfish
Racing Through Waves of Radiation
The Solution Revolution
Triceratops Ranch
Mel & Gerdy: Cells VR
Chemistry – 360 Virtual Field Trip
Pteranodon’s Flight
Biology I – 360 Virtual Field Trip
Biology II – 360 Virtual Field Trip
Earth & Space – 360 Virtual Field Trip
Physical Science – 360 Virtual Field Trips
Life Science – 360 Virtual Field Trips
Physics – 360 Virtual Field Trips
Engineering Design – 360 Virtual Field Trips
Planet Earth – 360 Virtual Field Trips
Space Systems – 360 Virtual Field Trips
Rome Reborn: The Roman Forum
Rome Reborn: Flight over Ancient Rome
Rome Reborn: The Colosseum District
Rome Reborn: The Pantheon
Rome Reborn: The Basilica of Maxentius
VR Squid and Seastar Dissection

VR Field Trips: Hoover Dam and Las Vegas
VR Field Trips: Arapaho, Ute, & The Trail of Tears
VR Field Trips: Grand Canyon & Petrified Forest
VR Field Trips: Rosa Parks, Ruby Bridges, & Tulsa
VR Field Trips: Martin Luther King, Jr.
VR Field Trips: B.T. Washington and G.W. Carver
Big Cat Rescue VR
VR Field Trips: Abraham Lincoln and Vicksburg
Job Shadow: Heavy Equipment Operator
Job Shadow: Iron Worker
Job Shadow: Carpenter
Job Shadow: HVAC Technician
Job Shadow: Mason
Job Shadow: Pipefitter
Job Shadow: Drywall Finishing
Job Shadow: Project Supervisor
Job Shadow: Electrician
Job Shadow: Project Manager
Mammalian Organ Pack Dissection
VR Field Trips: Route 66 and Chickamauga
VR Field Trips: Davy Crockett
VR Field Trips: D-Day and World War II
MBI Job Shadow Collection
VR Field Trips: The Velvet Revolution
VR Field Trips: Greek Gods and Mini-Churches
VR Field Trips: Berlin Wall and Cold War
Forklift Simulator
Walking in Mandela’s Footsteps