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Molecular Interaction

Total Unit Running Time: 25-35* minutes

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FIELD TRIP: Backyard Bonfire

Running Time: 6:08 

NGSS: MS-PS1-2, MS-PS1-5 

Join VVR Host, Steve Grubbs, on a backyard excursion as he demonstrates a couple of different chemical reactions through fire and toasting marshmallows. His controlled fire pit burn exemplifies the law of mass conservation while reinforcing fire saftey.

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Running Time: Self-paced* 

Learners stand atop a snowy peak on the VictoryVR Mountain as ogres charge up toward them. By rolling boulders down the hill, the ogres are vanquished, allowing students to earn more time to make it to the finish. Rolling boulders is easy, but to get enough of them to conquor the ogres, studfents must correctly respond to rapid-fire questioons based on the unit.

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Running Time: Self-paced* 

Topics Covered  

  • Biography of chemist, Mario Molina 
  • Molina’s research with lasers 
  • Molina’s discovery of CFCs impact on the environment 

Assessment Answer Key  & Critical Thinking Skills

  1. A (BT1–knowledge)
  2. B (BT2–comprehension)
  3. C (BT1–knowledge) 
  4. D (BT4–analysis) 
  5. D (BT3–application)
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JOURNEY: When Molecules Meet 

Running Time: Self-paced* 


Topics Covered 

  • Distinction between protons, electrons,  neutrons 
  • 4 types of chemical reaction 
  • Endothermic vs. exothermic 

Assessment Answer Key  & Critical Thinking Skills

B (BT1–knowledge) 

  1. B (BT4–analysis) 
  2. D (BT1–knowledge)
  3. D (BT2–comprehension)
  4. C (BT6–evaluation)
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TEACHER DEMO : Flame Testing with Wendy 

Running Time: 5:28 


Topics Covered 

  • Flame testing demo of different metals 
  • Concept of thermal energy transfer

Assessment Answer Key  & Critical Thinking Skills 

  1. C (BT1–knowledge)
  2. B (BT2–comprehension)
  3. C (BT2–comprehension)
  4. A (BT3–application)
  5. C (BT4–analysis) 

Science Standards
NGSS: MS-PS1-2, MS-PS1-5, MS-PS1-6; TEKS: 6(b.1.A), 6(b.1.B), 6(b.2.A), 6(b.2.B), 6(b.2.D), 6(b.2.E), 6(b.3.D), 6(b.4.A),  6(b.4.B), 6(b.5.D), 6(b.9.A), 6(b.9.B), 6(b.9.C); CPALMS: SC.6.N.2.2, SC.6.N.2.3, SC.6.N.1.1, SC.6.E.7.9,SC.6.L.14.1,

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