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Great Education Solutions for Homeschoolers

VictoryXR has partnered with the industry leaders in virtual reality – Microsoft, Intel, Meta, HTC Vive, and more – to provide effective immersive learning solutions for homeschools.

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VictoryXR Academy

  • EXPERIENTIAL REALITY – Families, co-ops, on-line homeschool curriculum providers, etc., can bring whatever they are learning “to life” in a virtual reality environment
  • LIVE CLASSES  – Synchronous classes allow students to engage with professional instructors and other students from all over the world, without leaving home
  • ASYNCHRONOUS CLASSES – Students learn from world-class instructors through pre-recorded classes in Astronomy, Chemistry, Physics, Art, Theater, Foreign Languages, Literature, Engineering, SAT Prep, English, and more!
  • 360 FIELD TRIPS – transport your group on engaging virtual field trips
  • CREATIVE FREEDOM – endless possibilities (dissect a pig in space, draw amazing art using our 3D pen, “play” baseball on the ocean floor)
  • VR Headset, Windows, or MAC COMPATIBLE
art lesson in virtual reality space with victoryxr
// Offerings

VictoryXR Direct and VictoryXR Academy

  • Netflix-style platform – allows students, teachers and parents to select, install and uninstall hundreds of VIRTUAL REALITY UNITS
  • ASYNCHRONOUS experiences – one student at a time per subscription
  • Over 250 unique Virtual Reality experiences 
  • Hands-on DISSECTIONS
  • Physics and Chemistry EXPERIMENTS
  • GAME-LIKE LEARNING opportunities for quizzes
  • Much More!
  • Get within a bundle or opt for $10 per month/per subscription
  • Works on most headsets

* VictoryXR Direct requires WindowsOS and works with most headsets

Learn more here: https://VXR.Direct

// Offerings

Complete Homeschool Bundle

Add Meta Quest 2 Headset to VictoryXR Direct and VictoryXR Academy

  • Allows SEAMLESS MOVEMENT around the classroom spaces
  • Virtual EXPERIENTIAL learning at its finest
  • Be physically PRESENT with objects
  • EXPLORE difficult concepts – size, reactions, scale
  • EXPERIENCE things up close – hold an artifact, walk in outer space
  • NO PC required – play and learn from anywhere with WiFi
  • TOUCH CONTROLLERS – Grab, write, point, and arm gesturing
  • Integrated AR AUDIO – no headphones required
  • INSIGHT TRACKING – Translates movements into VR
// Comparison

VictoryXR Direct vs. VictoryXR Academy

VictoryXR Direct
Over 250 Titles
Independent  Learning
$10 Per Month or $24 / yr with Academy 

Ages 11 and up

VictoryXR Academy

Synchronous or Asynchronous

Over 200 Pre-recorded Lessons

Parents Are the Teachers,

Students Are the Teachers,

Or Attend Our Live Sessions 

$175 / year

Middle School, High School & College

Students Under Age 12:

Students under age 12 are highly encouraged to only spend 15 minutes at a time in Virtual Reality and only periodically through the entire school day.

// VictoryXR

Our Content Standards

VictoryXR’s educational products are not just for use in the classroom, they are a great addition to your home educational resources too.

  • 48 Next Generation Science Standards-aligned curriculum units spanning grades 5-12
  • Perfect for homeschooling or families looking to reinforce the content learned in the classroom
  • Virtual Reality Dissections for Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Windows Mixed Reality

If you are looking to add VR to your educational toolbox, the Pico Goblin is a great VR product for families who don’t want to spend the $1000 or more for a PC & headset.

Each VictoryXR learning unit in our curriculum is aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). Homeschool educators can seamlessly integrate VR learning experiences with existing lesson plans.

Middle School Curriculum (Grades 5-8)

  • 24 standards-based units – Earth & Space Science, Engineering Design, Life Science, and Physical Science

High School Curriculum

  • 24 standards-based units – Biology I, Biology II, Chemistry, Earth & Space Science, Engineering & Technology, and Physics