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Homeschool Education Solutions

Virtual Reality and Web-Based Education Solutions

Homeschool Meets Immersive Learning

Experiential learning has a whole new meaning with Virtual Reality. Conduct science experiments – including frog dissections, and chemistry labs – sustainably and with unlimited practice.

Explore pivotal moments in history, go on job shadows, and experience the world in over 120 teacher-led 360º field trips in VictoryXR Global Traveler.

Collaborate, cooperate and immerse yourself in your curiosities.

Get the Best of VictoryXR's Offerings with Our ESA Partners

Acquire financial assistance with the aid of one of our ESA partners, who have partnered with us to bring VR education to the masses.

Asset Catalog

The full asset catalog is available for each simulation, video, and course in the VictoryXR catalog of experiences. Curate a curriculum that is catered to your child’s needs and aligned with relevant learning standards, such as the Next Generation Science Standards, as well as others.

Experience the VR Difference

With VXRLabs (VXRL) and VXRWeb (VXRW), students and parents can travel on 150+ global field trips, perform mess-free animal dissections, conduct safe chemistry experiments, study astronomy with a trip to space, and 200 more experiences!

meta quest 2 vr learning objects vr k-12 curriculum


Study astronomy with a trip to space by traveling to the planets, experience classic novels from a first- or third-person perspective, explore foreign lands through 360º field trips, and experience historical events in realistic virtual reality!

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virtual reality school vr learning objects vr k-12 curriculum


Help your student improve in SEL skills within various interactive multiplayer experiments, and build a curriculum from scratch to accommodate your student’s pace.

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ESA Programs We've Partnered With

VictoryXR Supports Education School Choice and Homeschoolers
ESA Programs where you can find us include:


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Delivering Real Results to Real People.

Hear what homeschool students have to say about their experience with VictoryXR’s offerings:

Homeschool Student
“It’s like I’m actually doing it. I AM actually doing it.”
Homeschool Student
“This is so fun! I didn’t know how to do that before. I’ve never used a mortar and pestle.”
Homeschool Student
“I love history. This is sooo cool! I’m actually on a ship! Wow this is meaningful.”

Find Out What's Best for Your Student.

Learn more about K-12 experiences for students today! VictoryXR offers several interactive experiences for students that are synchronous OR asynchronous.
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Choose a Subscription Plan:

Gain instant access to VXRLabs and VXRWeb when you subscribe to an annual or 3-month Triple Play subscription plan.

1-Year VictoryXR Homeschool Subscription + Meta Quest 2 Headest

Virtual Reality Hikers Walking with Wooly Mammoths in the Metaverse

VXRLabs and VXRWeb for 1 Year, with a Meta Quest 2 headset included.

3-Month VictoryXR Homeschool Subscription

students in virtual reality VXR labs in niology classroom

VXRLabs and VXRWeb for 3 Months.

1-Year VictoryXR Homeschool Subscription

virtual reality Labyrinth of the Wise King 3

VXRLabs and VXRWeb for 1 Year.

1-Year VXRLabs: CTE For Homeschool

CTE tech training vr for education

VXRLabs: CTE Tech, VXRLabs: CTE Trades, and VXRLabs: CTE Healthcare for 1 year.

Hi, I'm Kathleen Ouellette

A veteran homeschool mom of six, retired military spouse and certified and highly experienced educator (Deaf, Special Needs, Early Childhood). I understand how challenging it can be to teach difficult subjects to children learning at home. Combine that with extremely important 21st Century skills of collaboration and cooperation, home education is no joke. 

The beauty of home education is that we can cater the needs and interests of our children to their learning. We have time to nurture curiosities and support the understanding of concepts. As home educators, we want the BEST resources for our children.

That is why I am so excited about the experiential learning opportunities our new products offer to home learners. Virtual Reality (VR) brings experiential learning to new heights, and new depths – from outer space to the bottom of the ocean floor. It brings the joy back to education and inspires further curiosities and a lifetime love of learning.

If you have any further questions, please reach out. 

Kathleen Oulette
Kathleen Ouellette, M.Ed. Homeschool Education Program Manager

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Discover novel experiences in virtual reality, augmented reality, or on your computer! Experience the future of K-12, Homeschooling, and Higher Education in each of our products. 



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A fully immersive platform that hosts an expansive collection of educational experiences and shared spaces for individual or multiplayer use.



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A web application that provides non AR/VR experiences, in which users interact with 3D content on PCs, Chromebooks, and Macs.

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Whether you want to acquire training to teach in virtual reality, inquire about one of our products, gain more information about VictoryXR’s accomplishments in extended reality, and/or bring your institution into the metaverse, we’re here to provide you with feedback.

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