The VictoryXR Campus as Seen through the Amazing HP Reverb (and powered by Intel chips)

How HP/Intel & VictoryXR Are Making It Easier For Your Students To Learn In Virtual Reality

HP, Intel and VictoryXR: Putting ‘Reality’ in Virtual Education

Five ways the HP-Intel-VictoryXR Partnership helps colleges, universities and schools succeed:

1. A virtual reality lab achieves the same group learning at 1/20th of the cost.

2. Students can come together to learn from anywhere: home, school or external learning lab.

3. Education can be expensive. In a virtual world, a virtual reality learning lab justifies the tuition.

4. A virtual reality lab – powered by the HP Reverb, Intel chips and the VictoryXR campus – demonstrates a progressive technology emphasis to prospective students.

5. Professors and students can interface live with students with no risk of Covid.

HP Reverb: the world’s leading VR headset for sharpness, clarity and professionalism in the world of health sciences.

Intel-powered workstations: powerful enough for graphically rich VR experiences like health care and the life sciences, and quick enough for an eSports team.

The VictoryXR Campus: the world’s largest and most robust virtual reality campus for learning in a classroom setting with a live instructor and live students.

See Professor Paul LaPointe, University of Alberta, teach molecular biology:

See Wendy Martin teach anatomy in a way never before possible:

Hardware and Software Bundles

  •  DetailsPrice
    Hardware+VictoryXR Academy Software BundleHP Reverb G2+HP OMEN 30L Desktop GT13-0255st Workstation (Powered by Intel)+Software(1 year-VictoryXR Academy and VXR.Direct)$2138.99
    Hardware+VictoryXR Academy Software BundleHP Reverb G2+HP OMEN 30L Desktop GT13-0255st Workstation (Powered by Intel)+Dissection Pack)$1389.99
    HP Reverb G2+VictoryXR Academy Software $849.00
    VictoryXR Academy Software K-12 (per year) $175.00
    VictoryXR Academy Software College (per year)$330.00
    VictoryXR Dissection Pack$100.00

Take a tour:

Take a tour of the VictoryXR Campus and learn how a virtual reality classroom will be the next evolution of e-learning

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