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Engineering Design

Total Unit Running Time: 30-40* minutes

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FIELD TRIP: The Great Wall of China 

Running Time: 5:25 


Learn about one of the greatest engineering design feats while standing atop The Great Wall of  China with VVR Host, Steve Grubbs. Amid spectacular views and  

understanding of the history of The Great Wall, as well as the design constraints and challenges  of its construction. For more information, visit here

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Running Time: Self-paced* 

Students control their flight through the sky while diving through rings as the way to select correct answers to questions posed in the clouds. Leaning forward and slightly turning their body allows students to control their flight speed and direction, avoiding abstract hazards in the atmosphere while recalling information they learned completing other pieces of this unit. 

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STORY 1 : How Power Plants Got Sparked

Running Time: Self-paced* 

NGSS: HS-ETS1-4, HS-PS3-3 

Topics Covered  

  • Power plant function: then & now 
  • Edison’s & Johnson’s invention 
  • 3 main parts of power plants

Assessment Answer Key  & Critical Thinking Skills

  1. B (BT1–knowledge) 
  2. C (BT2–comprehension)
  3. D (BT1–knowledge) 
  4. B (BT3–application) 
  5. C (BT1–knowledge)
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STORY 2: Solar Cars 

Running Time: 7:23 

NGSS: HS-ETS1-4, HS-PS4-5 

Topics Covered 

  • How solar power works
  • Benefits and challanges of solar vehicles 
  • Solar car race requirements 

Assessment Answer Key  & Critical Thinking Skills

  1. D (BT5–synthesis) 
  2. B (BT2–comprehension)
  3. A (BT1–knowledge) 
  4. D (BT1–knowledge) 
  5. B (BT4–analysis)
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TEACHER DEMO : Snowmaking With Wendy

Running Time: 8:22 


Vocabulary: nucleator, snow grooming, snow gun 

Topics Covered 

  • Constraints & solutions for snow production
  • Mechanics of a snow gun

Assessment Answer Key  & Critical Thinking Skills 

  1. D (BT1–knowledge)
  2. D (BT2–comprehension)
  3. A (BT2–comprehension)
  4. C (BT4–analysis) 
  5. B (BT4–analysis) 


Mechanical Engineer, Environmental Engineer, Mechanic

Science Standards: 

NGSS: HS-ETS1-1, HS-ETS1-4, HS-PS3-3, HS-PS4-5; TEKS: 112.36(c.2.E), 112.36(c.2.F), 112.36(c.2.G), 112.36(c.3.D), 112.36(c.3.E),112.37(c.4.C), 112.37(c.5.B),  112.37(c.5.C),112.39(c.2.H), 112.39(c.2.J), 112.39(c.8.A), 122.39(c.3.A),122.39(c.3.D), 122.39(c.3.E), 122.39(c.5.D), 122.39(c.5.G),130.404(c.4.A), 130.404(c.4.D),  130.411(c.7.B), 130.411(c.7.C), 130.411(c.7.D), 130.411(c.7.F), 130.411(c.4.D); CPALMS: SC.912.E.7.3, SC.912.L.17.10, SC.912.N.1.1, SC.912.N.1.3, SC.912.N.1.6,  SC.912.N.1.7, SC.912.N.2.4, SC.912.N.4.1, SC.912..N.4.2, SC.912.N.1.7, SC.N.4.1, SC.N.4.2, SC.912.P.10.1, SC.912.P.10.16, SC.912.P.10.17