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What You Need to Know about Learning in the Metaverse

A metaversity is a higher education university recreated as a digital twin utilizing virtual reality in the metaverse (or at least the early iteration of what will ultimately become a full, global metaverse).

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// Virtual Reality Metaversity

What is a Metaversity?

  • Higher education institutions worldwide are seeing a dramatic increase in remote and elearning, but putting more students in a ‘Zoom’ environment is not a good solution. Not only are students generally unimpressed with 2D learning, but parents don’t want to pay for students to stare at a non-interactive screen.
  • A metaversity campus can be experienced at your own pace or alongside a class of students. Classes that are taught live by a professor can be recorded and saved in a content library for students to visit and experience later on their own.
  • Our process is turn-key so we can help you move courses to a metaversity campus in a way that is relatively painless and leads to student success.
  • Metaversity campuses are also geographically agnostic, meaning students come together with their professor/teacher and other students, even though they may be hundreds or thousands of miles apart.
  • The VictoryXR virtual reality educational asset library for subscribers has over 7,000 modeled learning objects like human organs, artifacts from history, molecules and much more.
  • VictoryXR VR classrooms break the four-wall mold. We have 60+ learning classrooms that include a starship, dinosaur island, an art history museum and even the Galapagos Islands. Take a look!
  • While metaversities are best experienced via VR headsets, they can also be accessed via a desktop computer for increased accessibility.
// Metaversity Implementation

Getting Started

My school just signed on to build a Metaversity. What can I do to prepare my instructors for teaching in this new learning environment?

Congratulations! Welcome to the new frontier. The key to success in using any new technology is practice. That means getting your teams into VR headsets and working with the VXR staff as soon as the “ink” is dry on your agreement! 

  1. Professional Development
    • Any instructor with an active VictoryXR license will automatically be enrolled in our Professional Development & Micro Certification program.
    • PD covers everything you’ll need to teach on your Metaversity campus: from the initial tech basics to creating and implementing innovative lessons in VR.
    • There are asynchronous and synchronous portions within our PD program; the completion of this program in its entirety is integral to the success of your instructors. 
  2. Choose instructors who are eager to dedicate time to learning new technology.
    • Nothing slows down the onboarding process more than an instructor who is too busy, too intimidated, or just not interested in learning to navigate within the world of VR.
    • It takes time, patience, practice, and enthusiasm to get the best possible results!
  3. Assign a Tech-Savvy Point Person within your team.
    • Choose a member of your team who will become your in-house VR expert. Have them complete the entire Professional Development program, and encourage them to attend all meetings with the VictoryXR team. Having someone “on-site” who can answer questions is invaluable.
    • Ideally, this point person will also be a member of your school’s IT team, but this is not mandatory.
  4. Assign someone to monitor and manage your VictoryXR Academy licenses.
    • Task a member of your team with the responsibility of submitting email addresses into our License Management Request Form. We have found this process to be most efficient when it is maintained by one person, rather than an entire team.

What will my team need to contribute to this process?

In addition to investing time in learning how to use a VR headset, and learning how to “physically” teach in VR, your instructors will also need to determine the best case uses for VR within their own courses. The Education Team at VictoryXR will guide each individual instructor through this learning process (from start to finish!), but your team will also need to invest time implementing these new tech skills.

How can we streamline the implementation of your product?

Communication is the key element when it comes to the implementation of your curriculum within the VR space. Our Development Team may need additional reference images of your campus in order to get your digital twin exactly right; or perhaps our Education Team needs dates to schedule a student orientation on your new campus. Keeping up with email correspondence is essential to the efficiency of this process.

Our Metaversity Clients

  • UMGC
  • Cal State – Dominguez Hills
  • Alabama A&M
  • West Virginia University
  • University of Kansas
  • Morehouse College
  • Fisk University
  • St. Ambrose University
  • Southwestern Oregon Community College
  • New Mexico State
  • South Dakota State
  • Inspired EDU
  • American High School
  • Northern Illinois University

VictoryXR’s metaversity clients are making headlines in new platforms worldwide. See more in our newsroom!

three phootos of metaversity campus blended together

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to the following individuals:

John King – Director of Higher Education Sales – John@VictoryXR.com

Chris McLean – Sales Associate – Chris@VictoryXR.com

Melissa Brent – Director of Education & Production – Melissa@VictoryXR.com

Daniel Coyle – Lead Developer – Daniel@VictoryXR.com

Aaron Hagens – Director of Design –   Aaron@VictoryXR.com

Kathleen Ouellette – Director of Client Success and Homeschool – Kathleen@VictoryXR.com 

Katie Gerstel – PD & License Management, SC Learning Metaverse – Katie@VictoryXR.com

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// More About Metaversities

A Video Tour of Metaversities

These short YouTube videos give you a visual glimpse of a metaversity:

What is a Metaversity?

Build Your Metaversity

Morehouse College

Morehouse college, in Atlanta, Georgia, was the first university in the world to deploy a fully utilized digital twin metaverse campus. Thus the name metaversity. Morehouse launched in February of 2021 with three classes: world history, Biology 105 and inorganic chemistry.

Fisk University

Fisk University, in Nashville, Tennessee quickly followed with their own digital twin campus with a particularly strong use case with their cadaver lab:

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// Empirical Data

Morehouse College

The results from professors at Morehouse College have been impressive. Professors Ovell Hamilton, Muhsinah Morris and Ethell Vereen launched their classes along with a cross-disciplinary engagement with Professor Tanya Clark.

Professor Ethell Vereen asked for a barber shop so the young men in his biology class could freely discuss sensitive health issues. Professor Muhsinah Morris needed life size molecules that could be constructed and deconstructed — while in space on a starship! Professor Ovell Hamilton would teach world history while traveling the world from Africa to Europe to Japan. And Dr. Tanya Clark will teach fantasy literature in a Hogwart’s style school known as Mystvale College.

graph of world history online vs traditional classroom

You can see that the grades, engagement and satisfaction all were superior using the metaversity teaching campus. Students prefer learning in a 3D virtual reality classroom environment.

// What are you waiting for?

The Power of the Metaversity Campus

Instead of viewing complex molecules in a book or perhaps a 2D video, you can stand in a room with your professor and hold a 3 foot wide molecule in your hand, then deconstruct it and reconstruct it. Because it’s all digital and created in spatial 3D, there are enough molecules for everyone in the classroom and then plenty more.

Imagine learning about reproductive health while taking a group tour through a fallopian tube and then discussing it as a class. Imagine learning fantasy space literature while beaming up to a starship and then putting on a space suit and taking a walk outside the ship.

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