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Morehouse College Does it Again

World’s First Spatial AI Teaching Assistant Rolls Out this Fall

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June 19, 2024 | Steve Grubbs

Long Beach – After launching the world’s first Metaversity in 2021, Morehouse College is taking the next step in spatial learning with the world’s first AI professor deployed to students in immersive 3D.

Dr. Muhsinah Morris, who was instrumental in the launch of Morehouse Metaversity at Morehouse College in Atlanta, will be teaching class this fall with the assistance of a spatial 3D AI TA (teacher assistant).

“There’s no substitute for a great human professor, but my AI TA can teach and answer questions 24/7, enhancing accessibility when I’m not available,” said Dr. Morris. “This technology also allows for additional office hours, freeing up more time for teaching, research, and one-on-one student engagement.”

While AI chatbots have previously been introduced in the field of education, Morris’ fully spatial TA is unique in its ability to have a two-way oral conversation with a student, while utilizing 3D models like molecules. Assessments, 3D models and the ability to converse in most languages provides professors and teachers with a complete AI teaching package. 

“I never thought I would hear myself speaking Italian in response to questions, but my AI TA is very fluent,” said Morris. “È così che mi muovo adesso.”


Dr. Morris will publicly debut her AI TA in the U.S. Department of Education’s Minority Science & Engineering Improvement Program director’s meeting with Dr. Bernadette Hence on June 25th.

VictoryXR worked with Morehouse College to launch their metaversity in 2021 and is now working with Dr. Morris to launch AI TA’s. Even more, the ‘always-on’ AI TA will be available to students using a simple Web link on a Chrome Browser. 

“Spatial 3D AI TA’s, teachers and professors will have the fastest adoption rate of any learning technology. Its speed to scale will surprise even experienced technologists,” said Steve Grubbs, VictoryXR CEO.

Test Dr. Morris’ AI TA here on a Chrome browser: https://vxrweb.victoryxr.com/play/ai-chemistry-intro/.  Be sure to raise your hand (button on the right) and ask a question.

VictoryXR is a world-leader in providing immersive educational content and experiences to secondary and higher education students.

Steve Grubbs is the CEO of VictoryXR, the global leader in immersive, spatial education. He is a graduate of the University of Iowa’s colleges of business and law and served in the Iowa Legislature as Chair of the House Education Committee in the early ‘90’s.