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Total Unit Running Time: 35-45* minutes

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FIELD TRIP : Soda Pop “Murder” Mystery Part 1 

Running Time: 5:33 

NGSS: HS-LS1-1, HS-LS3-3 

Become a sleuth alongside VVR Host, Steve Grubbs, as he collects DNA from a crime scene while working to  solve a “murder” that occurred in his home. Learn about the different types of evidence and collection methods  while gathering clues. For the conclusion of this murder mystery, students can view the teacher demo in this unit to  learn about what happens to the collected evidence. 

For more information on DNA fingerprinting, visit here

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Running Time: Self-paced* 

Students control their flight through the sky while diving through rings as the way to select correct answers to  questions posed in the clouds. Leaning forward and slightly turning their body allows students to control their  flight speed and direction, avoiding abstract hazards in the atmosphere while recalling information they learned  completing other pieces of this unit.

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STORY: The 13 Donuts 

Running Time: 7:57 


Topics Covered  

  • Concepts of homeostasis 
  • Examples of positive feedback mechanisms

Assessment Answer Key  & Critical Thinking Skills

  1. C (BT1—knowledge) 
  2. A (BT2—comprehension)
  3. B (BT4—analysis) 
  4. D (BT5—synthesis) 
  5. B (BT2—comprehension) 
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COMIC BOOK : Game of Traits

Running Time: Self-paced* 


Topics Covered 

  • Dominant vs. Recessive traits 
  • Factors that cause variation 
  • Inheritable genetic variation & gene flow

Assessment Answer Key  & Critical Thinking Skills

  1. D (BT1—knowledge) 
  2. D (BT2—comprehension)
  3. C (BT2—comprehension)
  4. A (BT4—analysis) 
  5. D (BT5—synthesis)
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TEACHER DEMO: Soda Pop “Murder” Mystery Part 2  

Running Time: 9:44 

NGSS: HS-LS1-1, HS-LS3-3 

Vocabulary: gel electrophoresis, latent fingerprint 

Topics Covered 

  • Lab analysis of fingerprints 
  • Fingerprint features

Assessment Answer Key  & Critical Thinking Skills 

  1. D (BT5—synthesis) 
  2. B (BT2—comprehension)
  3. A (BT4—analysis) 
  4. D (BT5—synthesis) 
  5. D (BT2—comprehension) 


Law Enforcement Officer, Criminal Investigator, Pathologist, Forensic Scientist

Science Standards: 

NGSS: HS-LS1-1, HS-LS1-3, HS-LS3-2, HS-LS3-3; TEKS: 112.34(c.11.A), 130.415(c.2.K), 130.415(c.3.G), 130.415(c.4.F), 130.415(c.5.D), 130.415(c.10.F)

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