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Forces & Interactions

Total Unit Running Time: 30-40* minutes

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FIELD TRIP : Concussion Testing At Purdue 

Running Time: 7:50 

NGSS: HS-PS2-2, HS-PS2-3 

Distinguish between a concussion and subconcussive forces while visiting the Biomedical & Mechanical Engineer ing Lab at Purdue University. VictoryVR’s host, Jim Kent along with Professor Talavage and Professor Nauman,  demonstrate drop tower testing and reveal the latest findings in force reduction for optimal helmet design.  

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Running Time: Self-paced* 

Students enter the carnival-like arena for their chance to experience physics in a whole new way. Four different  booths allow students to interact with and demonstrate Newton’s 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Laws of Motion, as well as Coulomb’s Law. By tossing balls and crates with a simple turn of their head, students witness the effects of mass  and acceleration on an object’s movement within an environment free of gravity and friction.

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STORY 1 : Isaac Newton, Pool Shark 

Running Time: 5:13 

NGSS: HS-PS2-1, HS-PS2-2 

Topics Covered  

  • Newton’s 2nd & 3rd Laws of Motion  
  • The geometry of billiards 
  • Concepts of net force and energy transfer

Assessment Answer Key  & Critical Thinking Skills

  1. C (BT1—knowledge) 
  2. D (BT3—application) 
  3. B (BT2—comprehension)
  4. A (BT2—comprehension)
  5. C (BT6—evaluation)
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STORY 2 : Struck By Lightning 

Running Time: 6:08 


Topics Covered 

  • Coulomb’s Law in context 
  • Causes of lightning 
  • Concepts of streamers & step leaders

Assessment Answer Key  & Critical Thinking Skills

  1. A (BT1—knowledge) 
  2. C (BT2—comprehension)
  3. D (BT4—analysis) 
  4. B (BT1—knowledge) 
  5. D (BT2—comprehension)
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TEACHER DEMO: Transforming With Wendy 

Running Time: 6:09 


Vocabulary: capacitor, resonance, electromagnetic induction 

Topics Covered 

  • AC vs DC 
  • How a Tesla Coil functions

Assessment Answer Key  & Critical Thinking Skills 

  1. A (BT1—knowledge) 
  2. D (BT3—application) 
  3. A (BT3—application) 
  4. B (BT5—synthesis) 
  5. D (BT4—analysis) 


Electrical Technician, Electrical Engineer, Sound Engineer

Science Standards: 

NGSS: HS-PS2-1, HS-PS2-2, HS-PS2-3, HS-PS2-4, HS-PS2-5; TEKS: 112.38(c.3.D), 112.38(c.3.E), 112.38(c.3.F), 112.38(c.5.C), 112.38(c.5.F), 112.38(c.4.C),  112.38(c.4.D), 112.38(c.4.E), 112.38(c.4.G), 112.39(c.3.A), 112.39(c.3.B), 112.39(c.3.D), 112.39(c.3.E), 112.39(c.4.A), 112.39(c.4.B), 112.39(c.4.D), 112.39(c.4.E),  112.39(c.4.F), 112.39(c.5.C), 112.39(c.5.D), 112.39(c.5.E), 112.39(c.5.G) ; CPALMS: SC.912.N.1.1, SC.912.N.1.4, SC.912.N.1.6, SC.912.N.1.7, SC.912.N.2.5,  SC.912.N.4.1, SC.912.P.10.1, SC.P.10.13, SC.912.P.10.15, SC.912.P.10.16, SC.912.P.10.17, SC.912.P.10.21, SC.912.P.12.2, SC.912.P.12.3, SC.912.P.12.5,