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Total Unit Running Time: 30-40* minutes

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FIELD TRIP : New Orleans Flood Wall 

Running Time: 4:15 


Showcasing the post-Hurricane Katrina flood wall dubbed The Great Wall of New Orleans, VVR Host, Steve  Grubbs discusses its necessity. While highlighting how the wall causes water flow changes to earth’s surface and  impacts surrounding ecosystems, Steve addresses the wall’s benefits as well as the need.  For more information, visit here  

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INTERACTIVE EXPERIENCE : Swimming with the Coral Reef 

Running Time: Self-paced* 

NGSS: LS3-1 

Strap on your diving gear to venture under the sea and explore this massive coral reef. In this experience, students will learn about the formation and importance of coral reefs as well as the threats the reefs are currently  facing. Even if you don’t know how to swim, navigation is simple – just stare at the big bubbles and you will float  to them. The golden bubbles contain points of interest students should visit on their under sea adventure.

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STORY 1 : Rocks & A Hard Case 

Running Time: 5:40 


Topics Covered  

  • Oceanic vs. Continental Crust 
  • Characteristics of cratons 
  • Process of subduction 

Assessment Answer Key  & Critical Thinking Skills

  1. D (BT5—synthesis) 
  2. C (BT2—comprehension)
  3. A (BT1—knowledge) 
  4. C (BT4—analysis) 
  5. B (BT3—application) 
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STORY 2 : Polluting Peat Pyres of Indonesia

Running Time: 6:19 


Topics Covered 

  • Problems with peatland 
  • 2015 peat crisis in Indonesia 
  • Concepts of carbon sinks & feedbacks 

Assessment Answer Key  & Critical Thinking Skills

  1. D (BT5—synthesis) 
  2. A (BT2—comprehension)
  3. A (BT4—analysis) 
  4. D (BT5—synthesis) 
  5. B (BT2—comprehension) 
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TEACHER DEMO: Coral Reefs With Wendy 

Running Time: 8:01 


Vocabulary: symbiotic, evolution, coral reefs 

Topics Covered 

  • Characteristics of coral reefs 
  • Earth system changes, impacts to ocean

Assessment Answer Key  & Critical Thinking Skills 

  1. D (BT5—synthesis) 
  2. A (BT1—knowledge) 
  3. C (BT2—comprehension)
  4. C (BT4—analysis) 
  5. D (BT5—synthesis)


Oceanographer, Marine Biologist, Aquatic Museum Curator

Science Standards: 

NGSS: HS-ESS1-5, HS-ESS2-2, HS-ESS2-7; TEKS: 112.32(c.3.D), 112.32(c.3.E), 112.32(c.5.C), 112.32(c.5.D), 112.32(c.9.B), 112.32(c.9.C), 112.32(c.12.A), 112.32(c.12.D),  112.34(c.7.B), 112.34(c.7.E), 112.34(c.12.A), 112.34(c.12.F), 112.36(c.8.C), 112.36(c.11.E), 112.36(c.7.B), 112.36(c.10.C), 112.36(c.15.A), 112.36(c.15.D), 112.36(c.15.E),  112.37(c.4.C), 112.37(c.4.D), 112.37(c.5.A), 112.37(c.5.E), 112.37(c.8.A), 112.37(c.8.B), 112.37(c.8.D), 112.37(c.3.D),112.37(c.9.B), 112.37(c.9.E); CPALMS: SC.912.E.6.3,  SC.912.E.6.5, SC.912.E.7.1, SC.912.E.7.4, SC.912.E.7.8, SC.912.E.7.9, SC.912.L.15.3, SC.912.L.17.4, SC.912.L.17.8, SC.912.L.71.10, SC.912.L.17.11, SC.912.L.17.12,  SC.912.L.17.13, SC.912.L.17.15, SC.912.L.17.16, SC.912.L.17.17, SC.912.L.17.18, SC.912.L.17.20, SC.912.N.4.1, SC.912.N.4.2,