ORDER 64GB Oculus Quest 2 Headset for Education and Get:

One Oculus Quest 2 – 64GB

    • What’s Included

      • 2 AA batteries
      • Charging cable, charger
      • Glass Spacer
      • L&R controllers
      • Owner’s manual

VictoryXR Academy (1 year): your group virtual reality classroom with lessons from America’s best teachers and over 150 unique VR lessons.

VXR.Direct FREE ($60 Value): over 250 unique VR learning simulators focused on science and history.

Total: $499.00

  • Imagine going to school in VR—what would you expect from an immersive learning experience aimed at your school-age self? It certainly wouldn’t be textbooks and detention. Instead, your expectations would come from your experiences. Video games, movies and books, most likely. Rather than reading about conditions on the Moon, you would travel there. Woolly mammoth skeletons? Time travel is possible in VR, so show us the ‘real’ thing. And so on, providing you with an immersive education that you can touch, see and hear, and is more impactful as a result
  • Content is aligned with Next Gen Science Standards
  • Created by Wendy Martin, a 20-year veteran of the classroom
  • Guided by Rene Gadelha, a curriculum specialist
  • Developed by our team of game designers to make learning fun
  • Awarded the Viveport Award from HTC as the world’s best education content
  • Licensed by Microsoft for their classroom teachers and other subscribers
  • 64 virtual field trips around the world
  • 32 learning games and activities
  • 128 learning lessons in VR
Experience VXR.Direct
Experience VictoryXR Academy

Virtual Reality for Education

Oculus Quest 2: Better and Cheaper!

  • Next Level Hardware
  • Redesigned Controllers
  • PC VR Compatible
  • Easy Set Up
  • Cinematic Sound
  • Headset Casting

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