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Simulation Labs

Between the VictoryXR Cadaver lab, paleontology island, the starship and 50 more VR synchronous learning spaces, everything a college or university needs is on the VictoryXR campus.
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Digital Twins

We build digital twin campuses for prospective student tours, as well as class attendance. We work with you to recreate your campus in the metaverse so that students can socialize, attend class or spend time studying together.

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Synchronous or Asynchronous Learning

Students learn on the VictoryXR campus with professors offering live classes, and at the same time, those classes can be recorded and saved in the campus library. In that instance, students can visit after hours and see the class they missed.

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The Cadaver Lab

The cadaver lab creates a realistic lab that offers synchronous, interactive learning. It includes the organ systems, the musculo-skeletal structure and the ability for deep learning with human organs.

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Art History

Among the fifty learning classrooms is the art history room.  Is is included in the basic package.

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Chemistry Lab

Also a part of the basic package, the chemistry lab allows for dangerous experiments, guest speeches by Nobel Prize winning chemists and 3D objects that add to the lesson of learning.

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