VictoryVR Launches Free VR Science Comic for Windows Mixed Reality

VictoryVR Comics: Mendel & the Mystery of Genetic Traits now available on the Windows Store

VictoryVR, Inc announced today that its newest VR learning product, VR Comic Mendel & the Mystery of Genetic Traits as a free download on the Windows Store.

Mendel & the Mystery of Genetic Traits is a VR experience that transports users back in time to enjoy a comic by the glow of candlelight. It tells the story of Gregor Mendel, the Austrian genetics pioneer, who used an unusual method to figure out the mystery of genetics and inheritable traits and whose research led to the knowledge we have today on recessive and dominant genetic traits. The story is fascinating, the room is amazing, and the knowledge invaluable.

“This VR experience is just a small taste of the groundbreaking content in development here at VictoryVR, what we are working on can change the landscape of learning as we know it” said Steve Grubbs, CEO of VictoryVR. “By making sure that VictoryVR High School Science is available to users of Windows Mixed Reality headsets, we can ensure that the learning opportunities we are creating can be enjoyed by students and teachers across the globe.”

In addition to Windows Mixed Reality headsets, VictoryVR’s product line will continue to be available for Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive.

Windows Mixed Reality users can download Mendel & the Mystery of Genetics Traits in the Windows Store by searching for “VictoryVR”. A Windows Mixed Reality headset is necessary.

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