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VictoryXR Launches Chemistry Lab, Dangerous Experiments Now Allowed

Davenport, Iowa – In 2018, more than a dozen Nashville area high school students were burned after a chemistry class experiment went awry (https://tinyurl.com/4nfzmrxt). The fire was caused by the ‘rainbow experiment’, now broadly banned in schools across the United States.

On Thursday, VictoryXR officially launched its groundbreaking chemistry lab, reintroducing the Rainbow Experiment to chemistry class.

“I love science and the opportunity to perform cool experiments in class.  And the students love them and remember them.  After more than 20 years teaching science, I’m glad to reintroduce the Rainbow Experiment and others like it to the chemistry classroom,” said Wendy Martin, VictoryXR’s resident science teacher and a finalist for national teacher of the year.

Beyond banned chemistry experiments, the VXR Chemistry Lab features the founder of radiation, Marie Curie, giving her Nobel Prize acceptance speech. It also includes an opportunity for students to hold and piece together atoms from the periodic table of elements. 

“Chemistry class really lends itself to virtual reality because many of the elements are so small that it helps to be able to enlarge them and hold them in your hand,” said Steve Grubbs, VictoryXR CEO. “Even more, chemistry can be dangerous. And when it blows up in your face in our class, no one goes to the hospital.”

VictoryXR is the leading company in the world building metaversities in the United States. In December, they announced their partnership with Meta to build 10 metaversities across the country.

The VictoryXR campus is synchronous, meaning students meet in groups with their teacher or professor, rather than an asynchronous, solo experience like early VR. VictoryXR uses Unity Technologies to build its experiences and the chemistry class sits atop the Engage platform.

A special tour of the VXR Chemistry Lab will be held Wednesday, February 2nd at 11 AM ET. 

Join the tour in VR headset or via PC. Sign up for the tour here: https://share.hsforms.com/1V-kEvYmLQAmStq9282ni5w3h2gt

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