Engage Learners in VR with the Pico Goblin

Pico Goblin VR Headset Education VictoryXR

1:1 VR for the Classroom with the Pico Goblin

  • Pico Goblin headsets for $250* each in classroom bundles
  • 20 classroom headsets for $5,000
  • One year Pico commercial warranty
  • Headsets are wireless and do not require a computer to run them
  • Includes hub for multi-headset charging and software download
  • Named one of the Top VR Headsets of 2018
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Durable, lightweight storage case for easy transport
  •        *compare to $269 if bought at commercial locations
VictoryXR VR Pico Goblin Education
BundlesHeadsets in BundlePricing
Homeschool1$350 (includes 1 year subscription to VXR.Direct)

Add a subscription to VXR.Direct to get the most out of your Pico Goblin headsets. Your subscription includes access to our 48 units of VR science filled with 240 unique virtual reality experiences.

Click HERE to learn more about VXR.Direct

A Great 1:1 Solution for Classrooms

  • 48 Next Generation Science Standards-aligned curriculum units spanning grades 5-12
  • 240 VR experiences such as virtual field trips, VR comic books, 360-degree animations, movies, and more
  • Content developed by an experienced curriculum team
  • Teacher lessons led by nationally recognized science teacher Wendy Martin.
  • VR experiences are perfect for reinforcing content learned during traditional class time

The Pico Goblin makes enjoying high quality VR affordable and easy

  • Its innovative design offers teachers and students alike an all-in-one VR solution.
  • Ideal ed-tech solution both for homes and schools
  • Perfect for tackling a homework project or more involved learning in the classroom.

The Pico Goblin is a great initial step into VR for schools that do not yet employ the technology within their learning environments.

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VictoryXR's Pico Goblin Bundles

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