Take dissection to another realm with virtual reality.

Teaching anatomy, including the body systems and structure and function, is an integral part of science. But let’s be honest, hands-on dissection isn’t for everyone.

  • Virtual reality dissection is the perfect alternative and the ultimate example of a user-friendly technology experience for education.
  • There is no setup required. Just pop on a VR headset, load the program, and you are ready to learn.
  • VR dissections can take place anywhere – in a classroom, museum, library, and even in your home.
Frog Dissection

In this virtual reality frog dissection, students get to explore the anatomy of a female frog inside and out. The frog’s respective organs are scientifically accurate models to scale, allowing students to have a full dissection experience at their own pace. We’ve digitized a licensed science teacher who guides students through the entire experience. Students also use the same dissection tools throughout the lesson–without risk of injury–to add to the lifelike experience of performing the dissection as they move through learning about and examining the frog anatomy for structure and function purposes.

Feline, Pig, Dogfish, Squid, and Starfish Dissection

Dissection labs excite students and motivate them to ask probing questions about anatomical structures and processes, to identify patterns across species, and to relate structure to function.

Feline and Pig Dissection: When students reach high school, dissections can be used as evidence for model building and as empirical evidence to support theories. Dissection of a small mammal is a hands-on approach for students to gather information on organs and organ systems necessary to develop a model of interacting systems that is also applicable to larger mammals, such as humans.

Dogfish Dissection; In this program, students practice basic dissection techniques, conduct a careful survey of the major systems of the shark, and relate their study of the shark to the structure and function of vertebrates.

Squid and Starfish Dissection: In this program, students practice basic dissection techniques, conduct a careful survey of the major systems of the sea star and squid, and relate their study of these organisms to the structure and function of invertebrates.

NGSS Aligned Teacher Support Pages

Each dissection unit comes with an NGSS aligned teacher support page.

Carolina Biological Curriculum

VictoryXR and Carolina Biological are creating the world’s first virtual reality specimen dissection library. These fun and engaging experiences supplement the education of today and will be an integral part of learning tomorrow.

  • A national award winning science teacher – who we have digitized into a hologram – provides step-by-step instructions
  • Specimens are recreated to the finest detail – a suitable substitute for the real thing in a classroom
  • Animals that are represented to scale inside the virtual environment
  • Lifelike physical models – specimens appear as they would in a real-life classroom dissection
  • Science teachers can feel good about substituting virtual reality for the real thing

Many states have laws allowing students to choose opt-out alternatives to dissection without being penalized in the classroom.

Students may choose to opt-out because of:

  • Religious beliefs
  • Personal beliefs
  • Health reasons

These may prevent some students from participating in your hands-on lab dissection. Don’t let them miss out! Give them an equally engaging interactive experience using virtual reality!


With Six-Degrees of Freedom (6DOF) users will be able to interact with the animal and the room around them.

  • Adjust your positioning to get a better view inside of the specimens
  • Use the hand controls as your virtual hands to snip, slice, and inspect
  • Compatible with the HTC Vive, Oculus Quest and Oculus 2, Oculus Rift, and Windows Mixed Reality headsets
  • Requires SteamVR (install the application by going to: https://store.steampowered.com/)

Animalearn Endorsed

“We are incredibly excited about VictoryVR’s virtual reality frog dissection, the learning experience their team has designed is unlike anything else out there today.”

-Nicole Green, Director, Animalearn

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