VictoryXR Products for Home Schooling

VictoryXR has partnered with the industry leaders in virtual reality – Microsoft, Intel, Oculus, HTC Vive, and more – to provide effective immersive learning solutions for homeschools.

Oculus Quest Homeschool Bundle

One-year VictoryXR Full Gamified Learning Subscription: $199

* Over 200 pre-recorded classes in science, literature, math, computer engineering, art, drama and much ore.
Live classes every month with the world’s best teachers
* Gamified learning in the medieval maze
* Classes lead by Wendy Martin, the world’s leading VR teacher and a finalist for national runner-up teacher of the year in the U.S.
* Science: astronomy, biology, comparative anatomy, more
* Engineering: computer design, engineering design
* Literature: To Kill a Mockingbird
* Drama: intro to acting, impromptu acting
* Group learning campus, join with friends in the same class
* BYOT: Bring your own teacher..use the VictoryXR campus to teach your own classes with other remote students. This is an option some homeschool groups love.
* VR headset not included, Add $325 for an Oculus Quest 2.

A Great Education Solution for Homeschoolers

People remember information better and have a higher recall when that info is presented in VR (virtual reality) compared to a two-dimensional personal computer.– University of Maryland, May ’18

VictoryXR's Content is Standards Aligned

VictoryXR’s educational products are not just for use in the classroom, they are a great addition to your home educational resources too.

  • 48 Next Generation Science Standards-aligned curriculum units spanning grades 5-12
  • Perfect for homeschooling or families looking to reinforce the content learned in the classroom
  • Virtual Reality Dissections for Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Windows Mixed Reality

If you are looking to add VR to your educational toolbox, the Pico Goblin is a great VR product for families who don’t want to spend the $1000 or more for a PC & headset.

Pico Virtual Reality Promo Headset Controller

Each VictoryXR learning unit in our curriculum is aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). Homeschool educators can seamlessly integrate VR learning experiences with existing lesson plans.

Middle School Curriculum (Grades 5-8)

  • 24 standards-based units – Earth & Space Science, Engineering Design, Life Science, and Physical Science

High School Curriculum

  • 24 standards-based units – Biology I, Biology II, Chemistry, Earth & Space Science, Engineering & Technology, and Physics

Frequently Asked Questions

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