VictoryXR Products for the HTC Vive

Curriculum Bundles Starting at $239

Both the Middle School and High School Curriculum versions contain 24 NGSS-aligned learning units covering:

  • Earth & Space Science
  • Engineer Technology
  • Life Science
  • Physical Science

A Great 1:1 Solution for Classrooms

3 Degrees of Freedom (3DOF) or 6 Degrees of Freedom (6DOF)? What’s the difference?

VictoryXR’s 48 educational science units contain a total of 240 virtual reality experiences:

  • 48 Virtual field trips around the world
  • 48 Interactive edutainment VR experiences
  • 48 Experiments and teaching moments with Wendy Martin, national award-winning science teacher
  • 96 Stories: VR comic books, animations, movies, and explorative journeys
  • 3 standardized multiple choice assessments testing critical thinking skills per unit – self-contained in the headset

VictoryXR's HTC Vive Software Bundles

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