Virtual Reality – More than a Fad

It can be easy to dismiss new technology as just another fad or gimmick. It can be easy to say that it won’t last long or that it won’t sell very well. There were people who thought that about Virtual Reality. However, the numbers tell a different story.

Sony very recently published the numbers for sales since the release of their virtual reality product, the PSVR. Since the launch of their device four months ago, Sony has recorded almost one million units sold. This number shocked even Sony execs as it is well ahead of their projected one million units sold at six months, not four. Microsoft is looking to roll out their version of VR hardware in June at the E3 conference in hopes of competing with Sony.

While these numbers focus mainly on gaming, they do tell us one thing: Virtual Reality is here to stay.

And the transition from gaming to educating may not be that difficult. There are countless games released for virtual reality that explore our solar system, our oceans, and other remote areas of the Earth. There are games that delve into the human body to show how different cells behave and interact with each other. These games can be easily adapted for the classroom, enhancing the teaching capabilities and learning opportunities.

VictoryVR is taking that to the next level – creating more than just games for education, we are creating an entire curriculum!

VictoryVR’s goal is to enhance student learning, benefiting both students AND teachers. The curriculum immerses students in an environment that they couldn’t get with the traditional textbook. Students can explore areas of interest in a completely new way, totally surrounded by the subject and free from distractions that arise in a traditional classroom setting.

Virtual Reality allows the student to move past the 2D image in a textbook and view things the way they are presented in the real world. This is exactly what VictoryVR is doing – giving students a more complete and exciting learning experience.

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