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// Virtual Experiential Reality (VXR)

Learning Designed for Homeschoolers

Bring the Future of Homeschooling to your Students Today!

With VictoryXR, you and your students can:

  • Social: Interact with other students and develop SEL Skills
  • Science: Perform mess-free animal dissections. Conduct safe chemistry experiments. Study astronomy with a trip to space by travelling to the planets.
  • Arts: Participate in theatrical performances. Create art in our 3D Art studio
  • History: Learn through experiencing historical events in realistic virtual reality.
  • Language Arts: Experience classic novels from a first- or third-person perspective. Listen as famous poets of the past recite their most famous works
  • Field Trips: Economically explore foreign lands through 360 field trips!
  • All of this and more – without ever leaving home
// Inspire

VictoryXR Academy

  • Over 200 recorded learning classes covering science, art, math, astronomy, technology,
    and more
  • Allows students and teachers to interact in an environment simultaneously, allowing for
    discussions, collaboration, and social interactions
  • Independent Study and Co-Operative Class options
  • Participants can move effortlessly around their virtual classrooms
  • Flexibility to choose what and when you learn, and the how inspires creativity
  • BYOT: Bring Your Own Teacher: Homeschool Co-Ops can meet in the VictoryXR
    campus for lessons by parents, tutors, or teachers.
  • Over 100 field trips around the world
  • Gamified Learning in a Medieval Maze
  • Science and ecology classes taught by award winning teacher, Wendy Martin
  • Middle School, High School, and University
  • Works on 6DOF VR Headsets, desktops, laptops, and mobile phones
  • Only $175/year!

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snapshot of virtual reality lab stations
VictoryXR Academy, Hallway
// Engage


  • Independent Learning with over 250 titles
  • Over 45 NGGS-Aligned science courses led by award-winning teacher, Wendy Martin
  • Virtual Reality Dissection of over 5 specimen
  • Over 20 VR Field Trips
  • Over 10 Job Shadow Opportunities in Virtual Reality
  • Gamify Learning with comic books, games, movies, and field trips
  • Regularly expanding our selections
  • Ages 11 and up
  • Works on Oculus Go, Quest, and Rift, the HTC Vive, the Lenovo Mirage, Windows Mixed Reality headsets and the Pico Goblin and G2
  • Only $10/month or $100/year!

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underwater swimming with turtles in virtual reality
VXR.Direct, Underwater Exploration
// Learn


  • Always free – no free trial or credit card required

  • Available on the Oculus Store via App Labs now

  • Biology taught by award winning teacher, Wendy Martin

  • Learn individually or with up to 20 other students

  • Gamified and Immersive Learning

  • New learning and headset options coming soon

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screenshot in virtual reality of Frog Dissection
VXRLabs, VXRLabs Biology
// Thrive

Homeschool Co-op Metaschool Branding

  • VictoryXR Academy contains 60+ learning environments
  • Create a special Metaschool space for your homeschool learners with custom branding
  • Add your Metaschool logo and mascot to 10 rooms of your choosing, along with the campus quad (you will still have access to all other VictoryXR Academy environments
  • Continue to have access to all learning spaces, but only 10 will have branding
  • Only $2500 – free if your Metaschool already has 10 students subscribed to VictoryXR

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child using virtual reality headset

What's Best for Your Student?

Learn more about K-12 experiences for students today! VictoryXR offers several interactive experiences for students that are synchronous OR asynchronous.
Trying to find a learning solution that works? Learn more here.
// Homeschool VR learning

Bring the Future of Homeschooling to your Students Today!


  • Struggling to motivate your teen to learn

  • Worried about lack of collaboration

  • Struggling to teach a difficult subject/concept


  • To offer cost-effective inspiring experiential lessons
  • To encourage further exploration and studies
  • To help your child learn to love learning again

Looking for Something in Particular?

Get more information about VictoryXR Academy, VXR.Direct, VXRWeb, VXRLabs, or any of our suite of products and services.
Our team is ready for all your needs and we’ll do our part to get back to you as soon as possible. Please, don’t hesitate to reach out!
photo of kathleen ouellette
Kathleen Ouellette, M.Ed. Homeschool Education Program Manager
// VictoryXR

Hi, I'm Kathleen Ouellette

A veteran homeschool mom of six, retired military spouse, and certified and experienced educator in deaf/hoh, special ed, early childhood specialist and have extensive experience with reading and theater arts. I understand how challenging it can be to teach difficult subjects to children learning at home. I also understand how important it is for children to learn about collaboration and develop essential social-emotional learning skills.

As homeschooling parents, we are always coming up with fun and creative ways for our learners to truly absorb and understand new concepts. That is why I am so excited about the products that VictoryXR Academy and VXR.Direct offer to homeschoolers. 

I have taught all age levels, from birth through adult. If you have questions concerning homeschooling your child in virtual reality, send me an email. I’m happy to share with you different ways that you, and your homeschool group, can utilize our products to benefit your homeschooler’s learning journey.