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The standard for VR experiences in educational settings.


VXRLabs is a platform that hosts custom-built, highly functional and interactive lab programs that are focused on specific core subjects and are built with a high-degree of specialization.

Product Components

Full functionality and no limit on interactivity within the VR space.

Meant to replicate real-world activities with perfect accuracy. Designed to supplement or replace learning experiences that are too dangerous, expensive, or otherwise ineffective to achieve in a brick and mortar setting.

Lab Development

In VXRLabs we can develop highly-functional virtual reality programs based on your organization’s vision. These programs are developed based on the complex description you provide and are not restricted to any subject matter or discipline. A few examples might include assembly and disassembly of a car engine, recreating the process of embalming a human body, or completing a specific chemistry experiment.

Healthcare and Medical Simulation

Our VXRLabs platform is ideal for complex health science programs that allow students to practice tasks within clinical healthcare settings such as using machines and practicing procedures! 

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Career and Technical Education Training

In April of 2023 we will be releasing several CTE modules focused on the trades, technology, and healthcare fields. Each module is designed to prepare students for a specific industry certification. 

VXRLabs Biology

Students learn about anatomy, biology and human organ interactions. Additional rooms will add mammalian and animal dissections.

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VXRLabs Journey to Civil Rights

Students begin their journey on La Amistad Slave ship understanding the story of the kidnapped Africans and how they overthrew their captors to gain their freedom. The journey continues to the Underground Railroad and Harriet Tubman and ends at the bridge in Selma where the 1965 Civil Rights marches began.

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VXRLabs Chemistry

Chemistry experiments are allowed in school again! While many chemistry experiments have been banned due to their dangerous nature, students can again experiment with explosive elements in the safety of a virtual reality classroom.

Coming soon.

Virtual reality anatomy view with robot

Compatible Hardware

  • All Meta Quest VR Headsets

Grade Levels & Standards

  • 13+

  • Standardized content available

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VictoryXR Academy

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A library of hand- crafted, educational resources and VR environments in which they can be utilized synchronously. 

Accessed through the ENGAGE metaverse platform.



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Asynchronous, ready-to-use learning experiences. Utilizes VR.

Accessed through software installed on PC.



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Web platform that provides non AR/VR experiences where users interact with educational 3D rendered content.

Users interact with this content via mouse and keyboard inputs.

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