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World of Simulation

VXRLabs is a VR platform that hosts global field trips, simulators and simulations for learning, conversational AI historical figures/tutors, and so much more.

  • VXRLabs works across almost all subjects: CTE, history, science, math, literature, CSI, and much more. It’s all delivered in immersive virtual reality.
  • It consists of custom-built and highly functional interactive simulations and lab experiences that are focused on specific actions and core subjects.
  • Designed to be multiplayer and synchronous, students enter the metaverse and engage with educational content, in which they collaborate with classmates and peers around the world in a fun, interactive, and engaging way.
  • With its multiplayer capabilities, VXRLabs provides an opportunity for students to collaborate and connect with their peers from around the world, which creates a truly global learning community. The synchronous nature of the app ensures that students are able to learn in real-time, with the support and guidance of their teachers and classmates. 

Currently available for Meta Quest VR headsets, PC, and PCVR.

Coming soon for Pico Neo and HTC VIVE in 2024/2025.

Conversational AI is here!

Have a conversation with Harper Lee, author of “To Kill a Mockingbird,” at the Old Monroe County Courthouse. Learn about her process of writing her famed novel, ask about her life, or hear her thoughts about past- and present-day issues.

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VictoryXR License Annual Subscription

Virtual Reality Hikers Walking with Wooly Mammoths in the Metaverse

VXRLabs and VXRWeb for 1 year (VXR.Direct is also included as an optional free gift)

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VXRLabs Tours will take you in-headset to discover our new app, VXRLabs, a world of simulations. This app addresses an area of immersive education that other apps cannot: hands-on, interactive simulations.

Currently, you must have a Meta Quest Headset to access this tour.

Instructional Guide

View the user instructional guide to gain a better understanding of how to navigate and operate VXRLabs.

Healthcare and Medical Simulations

The VXRLabs platform is ideal for complex health science programs that allow students to practice tasks within clinical healthcare settings such as using machines and practicing procedures! 

Career and Technical Education Training

Career and Technical Education simulations are now available to experience in virtual reality. These experiences focus on the trades, technology, and healthcare fields. Each module is designed to prepare students for a specific industry certification. 

Asset Catalog

Get access to our full asset catalog if you need assistance with any of our VXR.Direct, VXRLabs, or VXRWeb titles.

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Learn more about K-12 experiences for students today! VictoryXR offers several interactive experiences for students that are synchronous OR asynchronous.
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Compatible Hardware

  • All Meta Quest VR Headsets
  • Tethered PCVR Headsets
  • Windows Computers

Grade Levels & Standards

  • 13+

  • Standardized content available

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A web application that provides non AR/VR experiences, in which users interact with 3D content on PCs, Chromebooks, and Macs.

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