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Total Unit Running Time: 35-45* minutes

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FIELD TRIP: Scott County Landfill

Running Time: 9:04 

Find yourself immersed in the Scott County Landfill, with VictoryXR Host Steve Grubbs as you learn about the impact of garbage on our environment. Answering questions such as Where does the garbage go?  and What shouldn’t be thrown in the trash? are just a couple of concepts covered in this trip to the dump.  For more information, please visit WasteCom.com 

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Running Time: Self-paced* 

Banana Breakout is similar to a traditional single-player pong game, but in this version, the student aims a bunch of bananas at correct answers to a proposed question. Monkeys hold the correct responses, and if “fed”, will increase the student’s score. Tigers hold incorrect answers, and if they receive the bananas, the student’s score will decrease. Students begin with 3 lives, only losing one each time they miss catching the bananas. The goal of this interactive game is to play through as many levels of increasing speed before all lives are lost, building a maximum score.

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VIRTUAL COMIC BOOK : The Life & Times of John Dalton 

Running Time: Self-paced* 


Topics Covered  

  • Biography of John Dalton 
  • Meteorology and color-blindness research

Assessment Answer Key  & Critical Thinking Skills

  1. B (BT1–knowledge) 
  2. D (BT2–comprehension)
  3. B (BT4–analysis) 
  4. A (BT3–application) 
  5. A (BT2–comprehension) 
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THEATER : Climate Change 

Running Time: 8:18 


Topics Covered 

  • Cause and effect of greenhouse gases 
  • Natural vs. man-made causes of climate change
  • Humans impact on the environment 

Assessment Answer Key  & Critical Thinking Skills

  1. D (BT1–knowledge) 
  2. A (BT2–comprehension)
  3. D (BT3–application)
  4. B (BT2–comprehension)
  5. D (BT2–comprehension) 
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TEACHER DEMO : Blizzards with Wendy

Running Time: 9:06 


Topics Covered 

  • Science behind conditions of snowstorms:  Great Blizzard of 1978 
  • Effects of storms on society 

Assessment Answer Key  & Critical Thinking Skills 

  1. D (BT5–synthesis) 
  2. A (BT1–knowledge)
  3. C (BT4–analysis) 
  4. D (BT2–comprehension)
  5. D (BT6–evaluation) 

Science Standards

NGSS: MS-ESS2-5, MS-ESS3-3, MS-ESS3-5; TEKS: 6(b.1.B), 6(b.2.A), 6(b.2.B), 6(b.2.D), 6(b.2.E), 6(b.3.A), 6(b.3.D), 6(b.4.A),  6(b.5.B), 6(b.5.C), 6(b.7.A), 6(b.7.B); CPALMS: SC.6.E.7.6, SC.6.E.7.9, SC.6.N.1.5, SC.6.N.2.2, SC.6.N.2.3