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Higher Education Solutions

Digital Twin Metaversities, Virtual Reality Experiences, and more.

Higher Education in Virtual Reality

We work with faculty across different disciplines to bring immersive virtual reality learning opportunities to their campuses. We do this through our VictoryXR Academy and VXRLabs platforms, and through the development of digital twin metaversity spaces in VR.

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What is a Digital Twin Campus?

Our digital twin “metaversity” campuses are custom-built digital replications of your physical institution, or of a space that isn’t built out in the real world but that you would like to create in the metaverse. These digital twin campuses typically include campus grounds, building exteriors and interiors, mega structures, dorms, sports venues, and more. Once developed, these spaces can be used for instruction, event-hosting, marketing campaigns, recruiting, and more.

morehouse college building in virtual reality
Morehouse Metaversity - VictoryXR
morehouse college building in virtual reality
Morehouse College - Atlanta, GA

Experience VictoryXR Academy

Our VictoryXR Academy license provides all of the training, support, and software to bring VR into any course. A VXRA license includes access to:

  • 10-hour Virtual Reality Training Program
  • 60+ Customizable Educational VR Environments and 9,000+ 3D Objects
  • Custom 3D Object Development
  • Educational Support
  • Over 95 Pre-recorded Lessons in True Spatial 3D and Over 100 360° field trips

Experience VXRLabs in Higher Education

Our VXRLabs platform provides a simulation-based VR lab experience with content in science, career and technical training, healthcare and medical simulation, history and more. With VXRLabs, students can learn in a highly-interactive virtual reality environment that is focused on a specific core subject.

Learn More About Virtual Reality

Our Founder and CEO Steve Grubbs wrote an article about the growing traffic coming to the Virtual Reality space.

  • VictoryXR has partnered with the world’s leading global group of premium schools, The Inspired Education Group to bring virtual versions of campuses to life, otherwise known as “digital twins”.
  • A digital twin is a replica of a place or thing built with full 3D spacial technology. This allows students and teachers to arrive on campus, attend classes and interact much like real life!
  • Our goal is to make these spaces sustainable, and be able to adapt to any change that comes to us. 
  • “Ready Player One” has become reality.
  • Using either a PC or a VR Headset, students can engage in field trips, immersive spaces and more.
  • “Last year, accountancy firm PwC published research on the advantages of using VR for learning. The findings showed that 40% of VR learners are more confident in applying what they’ve been taught and 150% more engaged. In addition, VR was found to be 400% faster than classroom-based learning.”

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Our Partners and Use-Cases

Our VictoryXR virtual reality offerings are currently being used in 100+ higher education institutions, each using the platform in a unique way. We have partners instructing in chemistry, biology, nursing, supply chain logistics, marketing, history, communications, psychology, archaeology, secondary education, and many more subjects. 

Weekly Information Sessions and Campus Tours

A great way to learn more about VictoryXR is with our weekly information sessions and campus tours. Register today to join the next webinar or virtual reality campus tour!

VictoryXR Product Primer

Learn more about our products.

Discover novel experiences in virtual reality, augmented reality, or on your computer! Experience the future of K-12, Homeschooling, and Higher Education in each of our products. 


VictoryXR Academy

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A library of hand- crafted, educational resources and VR environments in which they can be utilized synchronously. 

Accessed through the ENGAGE metaverse platform.



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Asynchronous, ready-to-use learning experiences. Utilizes VR.

Accessed through software installed on PC.



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A fully immersive, gamified set of learning experiences that exhibit the best use cases of VR in an educational setting. 

Available for use both synchronously and asynchronously.



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Web platform that provides non AR/VR experiences where users interact with educational 3D rendered content.

Users interact with this content via mouse and keyboard inputs.

Learn More About Us.

We offer immersive classrooms and campuses through virtual reality. This platform allows for students to interact in a synchronous yet virtual environment. Educators are given training and 3D objects (over 6,000 and growing!) to teach a variety of subjects to their students. The best part? Students’ grades go up. Student focus goes up. Student enjoyment goes up.

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