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Our Partners & Use-Cases

Digital Twin Metaversities

A metaversity is a higher education university that is either recreated as a digital twin campus or built from the ground-up, utilizing virtual reality in the metaverse.

morehouse college building in virtual reality wide shot

Morehouse Metaversity

Atlanta, GA

Our Strategic Partners

We’ve partnered with Meta, HTC Vive, T-Mobile, and Lenovo to deliver products that run parallel to cutting-edge innovation in VR and AR technology.

Global Partners

VictoryXR has partnered with clients, companies, corporations, and individuals from all around the world to usher in the future of learning.

Schools We've Worked With

We’re partnered with a wide range of higher education institutions in the United States including:

  • Alabama A&M University – Huntsville, Alabama
  • Baylor University – McLennan County, Texas
  • California State University – Long Beach, California
  • Morehouse College – Atlanta, Georgia (See it in action ▸)
  • New York University – New York City, New York
  • Northern Illinois University – Dekalb, Illinois (See it in action ▸)
  • St. Ambrose University – Davenport, Iowa (Listen to the Podcast ▸)
  • University of Iowa – Iowa City, Iowa
  • University of Kansas – Lawrence, Kansas (See it in action ▸)
  • University of Maryland (Global Campus) – College Park, Maryland (See it in action ▸)
  • University of Texas at San Antonio – San Antonio, Texas
  • West Virginia University – Morgantown, West Virginia

Trusted Resellers

We work with organizations in 40+ other countries including:

  • Mindflight 7 – Melbourne, Australia
  • Modul University – Vienna, Austra
  • Imerse VR – Brazil
  • Georgian College – Ontario, Canada
  • VedX – Bogota, Columbia
  • Studily – Pune City West, India
  • St. Stephen’s School – Rome, Italy
  • Art Computer – Mexico City, Mexico
  • Tech Stat – Western Cape, South Africa
  • Metaverse Age – Dubai, UAE

Let's Work Together, Today.

Love what you’re seeing? Join VictoryXR in building the future of education worldwide!
VictoryXR is leading the revolution in VR/AR education solutions and we’d love to work with you if you’re as passionate as we are.
VR headset on student



Our VictoryXR Academy healthcare environments are perfect for simulating real-world experiences using lifelike avatars from the comfort of your own home. These environments offer the opportunity to experience real life healthcare procedures with no consequences from failure. 


Jump into a diverse range of business settings such as a conference room or exhibition center for students to role-play a sales pitch, an international business negotiation, or a business ethics scenario. Other potential uses include creating a marketing campaign that involves strategic advertisement creation and placement in an environment, or analyzing an assembly line involved with supply chain logistics.


Subjects such as chemistry, biology, astronomy, oceanography, and anatomy and physiology are perfect to instruct students in VR! Bring dynamic 3D assets into an environment such as the space station laboratory for students to visualize complex concepts such as the atomic structure of an element, the planetary alignment of our solar system, or for an immersive organ identification or dissection exercise. 


Fill an art history museum with ancient artifacts or classical paintings, walk amongst the Egyptian pyramids, or travel back in time for students to have engaging experiences with historical subject matter.


Practice public speaking on the stage of a performing arts center or role-play communications exercises between individuals and teams in a way that can re-create the physical sensations of one of those situations without the need to replicate the event in real life.

Learn more about our products.

Discover novel experiences in virtual reality, augmented reality, or on your computer! Experience the future of K-12, Homeschooling, and Higher Education in each of our products. 


VictoryXR Academy

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A library of hand-crafted virtual reality and augmented reality environments that offer multiplayer educational resources and experiences.



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Ready-to-use learning experiences and virtual reality environments for individual use.



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A fully immersive platform that hosts an expansive collection of educational experiences and shared spaces for individual or multiplayer use.



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A web application that provides non AR/VR experiences, in which users interact with 3D content on PCs, Chromebooks, and Macs.