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Experience Chemistry in Both Worlds

VictoryXR’s Mixed Reality Chemistry Lab provides an immersive 3D learning environment, allowing students to explore and interact with chemical elements, reactions, and equipment in a lifelike and engaging manner. This immersion enhances comprehension and retention of complex concepts. By conducting experiments in a mixed reality environment, students can learn and make mistakes without the risks associated with handling hazardous chemicals or equipment in a physical lab. This enhances safety and reduces the chances of accidents.

Available now on the Meta Quest 3.

Discover Mixed Reality Learning

We entered a bold, new era in 2023 with pass-through, mixed reality. Here are the implications:

  • One of our goals at VictoryXR is to see that every low-resource school has the same facilities that high-resource schools have. This pass through chemistry lab gives every school affordable access to an advanced facility with lower risk of personal harm.
  • Pass-through mixed reality removes the awkwardness of being visually cut off from the rest of the class when everyone is in the same space. For remote learners, full virtual reality remains the better option.
  • Existing chemistry labs use a lot of products and chemicals and then landfill them. The VXR chemistry lab allows endless reuse, not only saving money, but reducing landfill utilization.
  • We recognize that students pursuing degrees in the life sciences will need to use the real thing, but for 99% of high school and freshman level students, this is a better way to learn because its affordable and gives every student access to a personal chemistry lab.

Inclusive and All-Encompassing Solutions:


Mixed Reality Labs offer accessibility features that accommodate various learning styles and needs. These features can be accessed remotely, making chemistry education accessible to a wider range of students, including those with disabilities. Additionally, mixed reality labs reduce the costs associated with maintaining physical lab equipment and purchasing chemicals. Virtual experiments can be conducted repeatedly without incurring additional expenses.


VictoryXR’s mixed reality technology can provide highly realistic simulations of chemical reactions and phenomena, helping students gain a deeper understanding of complex concepts that are challenging to convey through traditional teaching methods.


These labs can offer a wide range of experiments, including those that are difficult or expensive to conduct in a traditional lab. This diversity of experiments allows students to explore different aspects of chemistry.


Mixed reality labs can facilitate collaborative learning experiences. Students can work together in the virtual environment, fostering teamwork, problem-solving, and knowledge sharing.


By reducing the consumption of physical materials and chemicals, mixed reality labs contribute to a more sustainable and eco-friendly approach to education and research.

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