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VXRLabs is now available to play on PC computers and Meta Quest headsets. Follow the link below to download VXRLabs on your device of choice.

Discover Metaversity Campuses Around the World

We have partnered with 50+ higher education institutions internationally to develop their digital twin replica campuses in the metaverse. Check out some of the latest digital twin metaversity campuses our team has developed:

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Discover novel experiences in virtual reality, augmented reality, or on your computer! Experience the future of K-12, Homeschooling, and Higher Education in each of our products. 



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A fully immersive platform that hosts an expansive collection of educational experiences and shared spaces for individual or multiplayer use.



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A web application that provides non AR/VR experiences, in which users interact with 3D content on PCs, Chromebooks, and Macs.

3D Spatial AI for Teaching, Training, and Simulations

The DIY tutor/teacher/trainer platform is accessible via Chromebooks, Macs, PCs, and VR headsets. Change the way the world learns through 3D spatial technology.

Get Grant Assistance

Empower Your Teaching Journey with Grant Funding Solutions.

Unlock resources to enrich your teaching experience through our expert grant funding support. Our dedicated team specializes in helping educators like you secure funding for innovative projects, curriculum enhancements, and professional development opportunities. Let us guide you through the grant application process, ensuring your vision becomes a reality.

Discover Forensic Science in VR

Immerse yourself in the field of Forensic Science with the all new Virtual Investigation Academy and CSI Experience in VXRLabs! Gain experience with virtual reality CSI and forensics training today.

Gain Career & Technical Training in VR

VictoryXR’s interactive courses provide opportunities for students to prepare for the CTE exams and are particularly aimed at preparing students for success in six different career fields:

  • Nursing Assistant Training
  • Medical Assistant Training
  • Carpentry
  • Welding
  • Robotics
  • Drone Operation
  • Agro Tech Training
  • Vet Tech Training
  • And more…
Man Wearing Meta Quest 2 VR Headset VXRLabs CTE Flyer

Subscribe to the VictoryXR License Today!

Gain instant access to VXRLabs and VXRWeb when you subscribe to an annual VictoryXR License subscription plan.

VictoryXR License Annual Subscription

Virtual Reality Hikers Walking with Wooly Mammoths in the Metaverse

VXRLabs and VXRWeb for 1 year (VXR.Direct is also included as an optional free gift)

Animal dissections in VR

Wendy Martin, a national award-winning science teacher, hosts six unique VR animal dissections for K-12 learners.

We're here for homeschool students

VR, AR, and mixed reality learning have made way for innovative and engaging learning outcomes for students of all ages! See what’s in store when you choose VXRLabs and/or VXRWeb for your home education curriculum.

Discover Mixed Reality Learning with VXRFusion

VictoryXR’s Mixed Reality Chemistry Lab provides an immersive 3D learning environment, allowing students to explore and interact with chemical elements, reactions, and equipment in a lifelike and engaging manner. This immersion enhances comprehension and retention of complex concepts. By conducting experiments in a mixed reality environment, students can learn and make mistakes without the risks associated with handling hazardous chemicals or equipment in a physical lab. This enhances safety and reduces the chances of accidents.

Travel the world in VR

With the VictoryXR: Global Traveler app, students can travel the globe to exotic locations.

Hike the Great Wall of China, visit the majesty of Iceland, stand in the presence of the Redwoods of California, and experience over 100 additional destinations. In 360º virtual reality, travelers will be fully immersed within the location they are visiting.

Delivering Real Results to Real People.

Hear what some of our customers, collaborators, and colleagues have to say about their experience with VictoryXR’s offerings:

Dr. Vann Newkirk
Dr. Vann Newkirk
President of Fisk University
“We want to be the most technologically advanced university in America. We want our students to experience the new technology in the new age so that when they leave this campus they are prepared for all of the jobs of the future. That’s important for us. And that’s important for our parents and students.”
Eric Mason
Eric Mason
Innovation Advisor at MSU Denver
“It’s a whole new way to build community in a more convenient, inclusive manner. That’s on top of the immersive, hands-on learning environment this technology offers, which can increase learning speed in everything. It will be exciting to see where this takes us.”
Jason Rhode
Jason Rhode
Associate Vice Provost for Digital Education at NIU
“VictoryXR worked with us to build a VR digital twin campus for NIU, providing initial licenses for 50 users and 50 Oculus 2 headsets. We’ve purchased a few more and are looking to provide interested faculty with the opportunity to learn more about the potential for using VR in teaching.”
Dr. Muhsinah Morris
Dr. Muhsinah Morris
Director of Morehouse Metaversity
“A lot of my students came away from this saying, ‘Wow, if I had this my first year, I would have been a better chemist, I would have been a little bit stronger as a student.”
Dan Mintz
Dan Mintz
Department Chair at UMGC
“The feedback we got from our students was they had a much deeper relationship with the other students, … a much deeper relationship with the faculty member, felt much more connected to the educational process.”
Celeste Latham
Celeste Latham
Associate Vice President for Facilities and Resources at NIU
“When you have the headset on, you’re not distracted by what’s outside the window or who’s walking outside the classroom. That’s one of the really positive learning outcomes. You’re immersed in that environment. You’re surrounded by everything that you’re trying to learn.”
UMGC Student
UMGC Student
“This class has been one of the most engaging courses I have taken at UMGC thanks to the help of the VR environment. Being able to share my thoughts in a verbal manner with my classmates and professor allowed for immediate feedback that fueled my learning. Not only did the VR sessions provide me with feedback, but they also allowed me the opportunity to listen to the different ideas my classmates had about the same video.”
Dr. Muhsinah Morris
Dr. Muhsinah Morris
Director of Morehouse Metaversity
“We saw attendance rates go up, we saw engagement increase, we saw achievement increase. Students wanted to be part of it. They wanted to learn more, not just because it was an emerging technology but because the subject matter was easy for them to digest and understand.”
Northern Illinois University Student
Northern Illinois University Student
“During the year, we used the VR set-up how our gym space would look and we would record our teachings in the metaverse. It became a helpful tool for me to understand how and what I was going to actually say to my students during my lessons. It was also very neat to see that even though this was VR it was still resembling true features on how my teaching will in fact look.”
Dr. Amy Kristof-Brown
Dr. Amy Kristof-Brown
Dean & Professor at University of Iowa
“I feel like we are here together. Whether it is our online MBA students who are all around the world (we’re in 48 states right now; we’re in multiple countries); when those students have the opportunity to feel like they are sitting in the same room together that will be a tremendous advantage for us.”
Dr. Mitch Marovitz
Dr. Mitch Marovitz
Journalism Professor at UMGC
“Another added benefit of the virtual reality space is the ability of the students to gather in one place and in small groups—no matter where they are in reality—to discuss their observations and bounce their ideas against one another. It's the perfect complement to their online instruction.”
business woman wearing htc vive flow vr headset learning objects
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