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10 Cool Things You Get with a VXR.Direct VR Classroom Subscription

VXR.Direct has been called, ‘the Netflix of VR education content’ because it’s one low price of $10 per month gets an entire library of great content.  Here are 10 things teachers, students and parents LOVE about VXR.Direct:

1. The Great Wall of China! This global field trip takes students into the countryside to tour the Great Wall where no other people are around. Our team paid a farmer to let them onto the wall and shoot this amazing 360 field trip. 

2. Newton’s Force Field! What if Newton’s laws of physics (and Coloumbs law) were turned into an adventure park to play and learn? Well, we did it in fully interactive 6DOF virtual reality.

3. 360 global field trips translated into Spanish, German, French and Arabic! The first of these are rolling onto the VXR.Direct platform at the end of October. Between November 1 and January 31, our goal is to translate and upload 120 global field trips to these four additional languages. 

4. Adventures in Space! Hop into the captain’s seat of a star cruiser and cruise around the universe while visiting Mars, a black hole, the Sombrero galaxy, the Milky Way and even Missouri! 🙂

5. Mel & Gerdy! Students and teachers alike LOVE Mel & Gerdy (just Google them if you don’t know them). You can enjoy their teaching science lessons on VXR.Direct.

6. Construction Job Shadows! Students can explore 10 different careers on site and hear actual workers explaining what they do and how they got there from high school. It even reveals the pay.

7. The Forklift Simulator! Learn to drive a forklift and prepare to pass forklift certification. It even includes haptics to make the entire simulation more realistic. 

8. Wendy the Science Teacher! Wendy Martin is a 20+ year veteran of the science classroom and the world’s leading hologram teacher. She was also a finalist for teacher-of-the-year, so you want your students to have fun and learn from Wendy.

9. D-day and Omaha Beach! Those who forget history are condemned to repeat it. Students stand where the soldiers landed, see the view from a German pill box and understand the story from a deep and personal viewpoint of the greatest amphibious landing in human history.

10. A Murder Mystery! In ‘Mysteries and Mansions’ we learn about CSI and enjoy two crime mysteries, one of which is in full 360. 

VXR.direct offers students fully immersive learning experiences that are gamified. With 120+ 36 global field trips, 96 gamified learning experiences and lessons in history, art, science and career and technical education, this is a package that is well worth it at $10 per month.

Learn more here: https://VXR.direct