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Apply for the State of South Carolina Learning Metaverse at No Charge 

VictoryXR has opened an application that will allow 30 schools in South Carolina to receive a bundle of 20 Meta Quest 2 VR headsets, synchronous live classes, and access to a full suite of immersive curriculum

The State of South Carolina – in coordination with the SC Department of Education – has awarded VictoryXR an innovation grant to provide select high schools and middle schools across the State access to its live Tutoring Academy and a suite of VR Education products. Victory XR is the global leader in virtual reality education; our award-winning curriculum meets numerous Common Core and SC State Education Standards. 

Studies published by the National Education Association show that student comprehension and rate of knowledge retention will skyrocket through the use of kinaesthetic learning experiences, like those featured on VR platforms. 

Just imagine the excitement of your students as they take a spaceship through the solar system and drive a rover across the surface of Mars! Using VXR’s breakthrough technology, students can perform dozens of dissections, explore the chambers of a life-size human heart, or experience a lecture on gladiators from within a Roman Colosseum. Consider the impact of taking a civil rights tour of Montgomery, Alabama without ever leaving the classroom. No longer just a dream… the future is happening now!

Best of all, this turnkey program is as simple as turning on the computer and opening a program, and it comes at no cost to you

Victory XR’s South Carolina Learning Loss Package

  • 20 Top-of-the-Line VR Headsets (Yours to Keep)
  • Admission to the SC Tutoring Academy; a synchronous, live learning environment with plenty of hands-on activities (Live Tutoring by Certified Teachers)
  • Total Access to our Extensive Course Library
  • A Growing Catalogue of 120+ Virtual “Field Trips”
  • 3D Interactive VR Objects
  • Virtual Classroom Settings
  • Award-Winning STEM Lab
  • Suggested Lesson Plans
  • Professional Development (Provided – Not Required)
  • And Much More…

Total Cost:      $25,000      FREE    *Limited Offering*

What is required of the schools entering the program?

  1. A 2-year commitment for participation
  2. A point person to coordinate the program, typically a teacher or administrator
  3. Access to an IT person to work with implementation of the virtual reality headset bundle

What are the benefits to the school and students?

  1. Virtual reality headsets for use in the program and beyond
  2. Learning loss group tutoring for students who have fallen behind

 Don’t miss out on the incredible opportunity to utilize a new resource that is rapidly gaining popularity in classrooms all across the globe.

Apply HERE Today!

Application Deadline: March 15th, 2023

Please ‌contact us with questions you have about this opportunity or any other Victory XR offerings. Thank you.