VR – One of the Top Gifts this Holiday Season

Virtual Reality headsets were predicted to be some of the hottest gifts this past holiday season. The Huffington Post even wrote a handy VR gift guide in December.

The holiday shopping sprees are over and the calendar has rolled over to 2017. How did VR play out to end the year?

Amazon has named VR headsets one of their top selling items. Within the “wearable technology” segment listed on Amazon, the Samsung Gear VR joined Garmin’s fitness devices as one of the most popular items sold on Amazon over the 2016 Holiday Season. With other VR products – such as the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive – showing strongly in 2016, one can only think that as competition heats up in the marketplace and the technology continues to evolve, 2017 will see VR-related sales continue to grow and become even more widely adopted by the public. That means that next year around this time you will be seeing even more of THIS from your friends and family.

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