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Animalearn Applauds VictoryVR’s Humane Frog Dissection Alternative For Schools

Animalearn Applauds VictoryVR’s Humane Frog Dissection Alternative For Schools


Animalearn, a national advocacy group that promotes respect for animals in education, is praising VictoryVR’s development of a virtual reality frog dissection simulation that can replace the use of frog cadavers in biology classes.

Nicole Green, Director of Animalearn, enthusiastically endorsed VictoryVR’s frog dissection simulation after presenting the program at the 2018 conference of the National Association of Biology Teachers. “We at Animalearn are excited about VictoryVR’s virtual reality frog dissection, the learning experience their team has designed is unlike anything else out there today,” Green said.

VictoryVR’s frog dissection simulation was crafted to align with the rigorous requirements of the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). The cutting edge virtual reality program allows students to interact with highly detailed frog models, replicating the classroom experience. A hologram of Wendy Martin, one of America’s most acclaimed high school science teachers, leads the students through the dissection.

Virtual reality frog dissection simulations can serve as an effective alternative for schools that cannot afford to purchase animal cadavers, and for students who object to dissecting actual organisms. Numerous studies have shown that computer modeled dissections can serve as highly suitable replacements for classroom dissections.

“Thanks to our innovative approach, schools can provide their students with an immersive animal dissection experience, led by one our nation’s top educators, without having to deal with the financial and ethical costs of sourcing actual animal cadavers,” concluded Steve Grubbs, Founder and CEO of VictoryVR.

To learn more about VictoryVR’s comprehensive virtual reality science curriculum, including the frog dissection experience, visit our Frog Dissection page.

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