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  • Live classes every week with the world’s best teachers.
  • Classes covering science, art, math, astronomy, technology, and much more.
  • Over 200 recorded learning classes in true spatial 3D. Move effortlessly around the classroom spaces and learn as if you are actually there.
  • Over 100 field trips around the world, including Iceland, The Great Wall, the Redwood Forests, Singapore Gardens and many other places.
  • Allows students and teachers to interact in an environment simultaneously (e.g., discussions, questions/answers, collaboration, etc.).
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Upcoming Live Courses

Our Warming Planet in Virtual Reality

Mondays:  June 6, June 13, June 20, June 27 & July 11 @ 5:00pm CST, 6:00pm EST

Course description:

This course will explore the scientific foundations that support the conclusion that our climate is warming, and that humans are primarily responsible for this shift. We will examine issues like ocean acidification, sea level rise, wildfires, melting permafrost and other impacts at the poles, and consider various mitigation and adaptation options.

Professor Bio: 

Dr. Michael Mehta is Professor of Environment, Culture, and Society at Thompson Rivers University in Kamloops, Canada. He is an environmental social scientist who specializes in science, technology and society with a focus on environmental and health risk issues. Michael has been teaching in universities for almost 30 years, and previously he taught at York University, Queen’s University, University of Saskatchewan, University of Alberta, and the University of Winnipeg. He also has hands-on experience having owned a solar company, has sat on the Board of many large organizations, and works with non-profits.

Why take this class in VR? 

  • You will build communities that are resilient to climate change forces like flooding and wildfires.
  • Experience how climate change is impacting polar regions.
  • Learn about various policies and approaches for slowing down, and eventually reversing, the impacts of climate change.

The Journey for Civil Rights in Virtual Reality

Thursdays: April 21, April 28, May 5, May 12, and May 19 @ 3pm CT/4pm ET

Course Description: During this course, The Journey for Civil Rights, the students will analyze the histories, cultures, and people of African American descent and its Diaspora through critical perspectives, including but not exclusive to Afrocentric models.  Students will also be able to understand diverse communities, cultures, and the impact and contributions of other people.  Additionally, students will have the opportunity to communicate about models of social responsibility, justice, and ethical leadership.  At the completion of this course, students will be able to evaluate arguments using philosophical, religious, and ethical reasoning.
The opportunity to teach this course in a VR setting is a great moment in history and an exciting adventure into a futuristic world that transcends social, political, and racial challenges.  Participants in this course will have the following advantages in learning history: 

  • Students will have empirical knowledge as well as experiential knowledge through virtual artifacts and environments that allow for a realistic perspective of history.  No one can receive this experience from an ordinary classroom lecture.

  • Students will be able to have a well-rounded perspective and outlook on history, to utilize it as an active force rather than a passive subject that is only relevant during exam time.

  • In the VR space, the instructor/student interaction is enhanced by the availability of media tools, exotic spaces, and tours that promote advanced learning.

  • Moreover, I, the instructor am excited to showcase the rigors of slavery and constant quest for freedom; the horrors of the Middle Passage; and the trials of Dr. King and the Civil Rights Movement.  We, together, will view and respect these sacred historical moments recreated in a virtual space.

Sea Turtle Ecology in Virtual Reality

Thursdays: May 26, June 2nd, June 9th, June 16th and June 23rd @ 5pm CT/6pm ET

Course Description:

As you gear up for summer, add some education to your beach-reading with Ocean First Education’s Sea Turtle Ecology course. In this course we will explore all seven living sea turtle species, learn about the life history of these marine reptiles, including their reproduction and both natural and man-made threats to their survival, as well as, how they cope with the challenges they face everyday. 

Exploring sea turtle ecology in VR will enable us to travel to nesting beaches, swim alongside these ancient species, and investigate turtle “crawls”. Are you ready to be a sea turtle ecologist? If so, grab your mask, snorkel, and fins, and let’s head to the big blue!

Professor Bio:

Chrissy Frederick spent 20 years as a classroom science teacher in both public and independent schools. She now brings her passion for science to her role as an instructional designer with Ocean First Education (OFE). At OFE, students are taken to the intersection of fascination and education, through engaging, relevant, and student-centered learning experiences that showcase our big, blue planet!

Grand Slam Essay Writing Techniques in Virtual Reality

Tuesdays: May 3rd, May 10th, May 17th, May 24th, and May 31st @ 7pm CT/8pm ET

Course Description:

Join us on the baseball field to explore the structural art of writing while pitching ideas, supporting them with details, creating awesome segues and bringing them all home with a fantastic summary. Just like in sports, the more you practice, the better you’ll get!

Professor Bio: 

Kathleen Ouellette is a highly experienced teacher certified Birth – Adult in Deaf Education, Special Education, holds a specialty in Reading and has extensive training in the experiential Reggio Emelia pedagogy. As a retired military spouse, and mother to six children, she has taught publicly and privately in a wide variety of settings, and has over 14 years of homeschooling experience. Kathleen has also volunteered extensively promoting the importance of music and theater arts programs for children through teaching, leading, costuming, set designing and dressing, and producing for various children’s theater art companies.

Campus Tours Are Happening NOW

Collaborative learning on the VictoryXR Campus is happening-Schedule your tour!

We provide classrooms, 3D VR objects, professional development and the platform. See our anatomy, molecular biology, astronomy, paleontology, ancient history and rooms for other immersive learning.

WHAT YOU WILL LEARN: VictoryXR is providing a) classroom space, b) 3D objects, c) virtual field trips, d) 2D videos and e) expertise on the creation process.

WHAT YOU WILL SEE: 1) astronomy center, 2) biology lab, 3) history hall, 4) art gallery, 5) math lab, 6) campus quad, 7) industrial kitchen and MORE. Watch students interact with instructors inside VR. See how the future of education will happen inside virtual campuses and schools.

Find out if this is for you and your school.


  • June 8, 2022 @ 2:00pm CST
  • June 17, 2022 @ 11:00am CST
  • June 27, 2022 @ 12:00pm CST
  • July 6, 2022 @ 3:00pm CST
  • July 22, 2022 @ 12:00pm CST
  • July 27, 2022 @ 11:00am CST
  • Aug 4, 2022 @ 2:00pm CST
  • Aug 10, 2022 @ 1:00pm CST
  • Aug 19, 2022 @ 3:00pm CST
  • Aug 29, 2022 @ 11:00am CST
  • Sept 7, 2022 @ 10:00am CST
  • Sept 14, 2022 @ 3:00pm CST
  • Sept 22, 2022 @ 4:00pm CST
  • Oct 4, 2022 @ 2:00PM CST
  • Oct 13, 2022 @ 11:00am CST
  • Oct 19, 2022 @ 3:00pm CST
  • Oct 27, 2022 @ 1:00pm CST
  • Nov 9, 2022 @ 2:00pm CST
  • Nov 18, 2022 @ 12:00pm CST
  • Nov 30, 2022 @ 3:00pm CST
  • Dec 6, 2022 @ 1:00pm CST
  • Dec 15, 2022 @ 11:00am CST
  • Dec 20, 2022, @ 12:00PM CST

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