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Learning in the Metaverse

Your University in the Metaverse

Digital Twin Metaversities allow students, faculty, and others to experience their campus grounds in virtual reality, within the metaverse. These hyper-realistic spaces are 3D modeled by our team of developers and are tailor-made to feel as immersive and realistic as an in-person university.

Discover Metaversity Campuses Around the World

We have partnered with 20+ higher education institutions internationally. Check out some of the latest metaversity campuses our team has developed:

Join the Worldwide Metaversity Revolution

With VictoryXR, Students, Instructors, and Administrators push learning boundaries, immerse themselves in unprecedented spaces, and discover new possibilities in life-changing virtual reality experiences.

Students, Instructors, Administrators Meta Quest 2 VR Learning Objects Morehouse College Digital Twin Metaversity


Gain hands-on expertise and learn about a variety of subjects and fields in cutting-edge virtual reality experiences.

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Instructor Teaching with Meta Quest 2 Headset VR for Education Administrators VR Education Services


Teach with full control of your classroom, lead expeditions through pivotal historical moments, and take your students to exotic locations on and off the globe.

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Instructor Teaching students wearing Meta Quest 2 VR Headsets for Education


Build curriculum around novel virtual reality experiences and provide students with unforgettable learning memories.

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Schools in the Metaverse

Spotlight on Morehouse Metaversity

The results from professors at Morehouse Metaversity have been impressive.

Professors Ovell Hamilton, Muhsinah Morris and Ethell Vereen launched their classes along with a cross-disciplinary engagement with Professor Tanya Clark.

Professor Ethell Vereen asked for a barber shop, so the young men in his biology class could freely discuss sensitive health issues. Professor Muhsinah Morris needed life size molecules that could be constructed and deconstructed — while in space on a starship! Professor Ovell Hamilton taught world history while traveling the world from Africa to Europe to Japan. Dr. Tanya Clark taught fantasy literature in a Hogwart’s-style school known as Mystvale College.

Delivering Real Results to Real People.

Hear what some of our customers, collaborators, and colleagues have to say about their experience with VictoryXR’s offerings:

Emilia Clarke
Andrew Sedillo
Instructor at New Mexico State University
“This is going to be something that’s going to impact learning, it’s going to enhance communication, and your students are going to absolutely love it.”
Emilia Clarke
Dan Mintz
Department Chair at UMGC
“We think there’s a second component that will be true of all educational institutions that are interfacing with their students online where you get a much deeper relationship that comes into place with the synchronous interaction.”
Emilia Clarke
Morehouse College Professor
"In history, the students have told me that they have a firmer grasp of historical concepts that were once abstract in the series of lectures, but now those historical events, persons, and places are a reality in the VR space. For example, we can stand on the Great Wall of China and see its physical wonder, up close and in-virtual person, and we can understand the ultimate purpose of this wall in defending against an invasion."
Dr. Muhsinah Morris
Director of Morehouse Metaversity
“A lot of my students came away from this saying, ‘Wow, if I had this my first year, I would have been a better chemist, I would have been a little bit stronger as a student.”
Dan Mintz
Department Chair at UMGC
“The feedback we got from our students was they had a much deeper relationship with the other students, … a much deeper relationship with the faculty member, felt much more connected to the educational process.”
NMSU Professor
"Greater connection with online students. I've taught online for over five years, and this was the first time it felt like I got to know [students] as I would in a live classroom. I also liked that my students could learn by "Doing." For example, they were able to create activities in VR that they'd give to their future students and present these lessons to the class."
Student from Iowa EdTech Collaboration
"I personally always learn better from hands-on experience... So I think immersing yourself and being surround by experiences definitely makes learning better."
Dr. Muhsinah Morris
Director of Morehouse Metaversity
“We saw attendance rates go up, we saw engagement increase, we saw achievement increase. Students wanted to be part of it. They wanted to learn more, not just because it was an emerging technology but because the subject matter was easy for them to digest and understand.”

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