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World’s Largest Frog Dissection Company is Going Virtual


Carolina Biological to Partner with VictoryVR to Provide Students With an Option Between Real and Virtual Dissections

Burlington, NC — Carolina Biological, America’s largest supplier of specimens for dissection is taking the high school science experience to a new level with an agreement reached this week with VictoryVR.

“Frog dissections in science class are a rite of passage for most American students, but as the times change, we are adapting with them,” said Bruce Wilcox, Vice President of Carolina Biological.

VR Frog Dissection

Sixty percent of American students now live in states with laws that provide students with a mandatory right to opt-out of animal dissections and those schools must provide a viable alternative.

“Virtual reality provides the closest substitute to the real thing,” said Steve Grubbs, CEO of VictoryVR. “We created a virtual frog dissection and not only is it fun, but students get to learn first-hand what a real dissection is like in 360-surround virtual reality.”

The virtual reality dissection lessons will be led by one of America’s premiere teachers, Wendy Martin, who will exist as a hologram in the experience. Just as she has done in the classroom for 20 years, she will teach students how to use the instruments and then take them step by step through the dissection.

“Dissections are an important part of teaching students biology at the high school level and a critical piece of teaching health professionals at the university level. We believe that virtual reality will supplement what we are doing today and be an integral part of learning tomorrow,” said Wilcox.

Dissections are an integral part of most high school classes. Students dissect crayfish, frogs, mammalian organs, and fish among other specimens.

The virtual reality frog is expected to be released in the first quarter of 2019 followed by five other dissection specimens before the end of the year.

Learn more by visiting: VictoryVR – Virtual Reality Dissections

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