Students are losing interest in STEM…VR is one of the solutions

An Atlanta-based firm – Ranstad US – finds that STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) education might need a “rebrand“. According to the article, students are losing interest in STEM as they get older. This is due, in part, because students are failing to see how STEM relates to the world around them and the careers that might exist for them.

From the study:

  • 87 percent of students think people who study STEM work at companies like NASA, but far fewer associate them with mainstream consumer brands like Instagram (40%) and Coca-Cola (26%).

  • 56 percent of young people also said knowing how STEM skills relate to the real world would make STEM classes more interesting

More and more science teachers believe that are VR can be used to re-engage students in the STEM areas. With VR educational products – such as VictoryVR Science – becoming available for use in schools, teachers are now able to help students learn in a new immersive, exciting way.

As we continue to evolve in our integration of new technology into our everyday lives, it means that how we approach the world need to evolve as well. The way we learn, both in and out of school, is one area where that evolution could take hold. With the right approach, VR itself has the potential to change education forever.

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