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VictoryXR is Giving Away 5 Meta Quest 2 Headsets to Three K12 Districts!

If your K12 District or Charter School is considering a virtual reality lab (or labs), this may be your opportunity to get 5 Quest 2 headsets at no cost to you. Here’s the deal if your application is selected:

*  Your school will be provided 5 Meta Quest 2 headsets at no cost (retail value of $1,500)

*  Your school commits to purchasing 5 (five) VXRLabs CTE: Trifecta two year subscriptions ($2,375 commitment)

**A total of 3 winners will be chosen**

*  VictoryXR provides all professional development for professors and educators at no cost.

Decisions will be announced on November 15, 2023 and all decisions are final.

Learn more about VictoryXR’s CTE offerings: https://youtu.be/X7eokEmhVx0

See a video of the Meta Quest 2 VR headset: https://youtu.be/ATVGl9wOJsM

More information about VictoryXR metaversities: https://www.forbes.com/sites/emmawhitford/2022/09/03/metaversity-is-in-session-as-meta-and-iowas-victoryxr-open-10-virtual-campuses/?sh=763b192a6f25

Have questions? Email erica@victoryxr.com


CTE: https://zfrmz.com/yJJQtbJqJrhwA1gn2wfd

VictoryXR is a world-leader in providing immersive educational content and experiences to secondary and higher education students. Our goal is to introduce innovative ways for students to learn through virtual and augmented reality. Since VictoryXR’s founding in 2016, online education has rapidly grown in the United States and across the globe. Unfortunately, the traditional classroom has not adapted to online education. In its current form, online students find learning difficult, passive, and unenjoyable via video conferencing.

That is where VictoryXR comes in.  We provide students of all ages with three primary immersive learning tools: 1) digital twin campus for synchronous teaching and learning, 2) advanced STEM labs that make hands-on learning accessible to everyone – even remote students, and 3) AI instructors, tutors and teaching assistants embodied as spatial 3D avatars.

Learn more at https://VictoryXR.com