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Frequently Asked Questions

I. General FAQ

A. Benefits of VR in Education:

Scale Perspective Economics Safety Accuracy

When was the last time you were able to compare the size of an electron and a proton that were built to scale?! 

In VR, a meter is the same as it would be in the real world. This offers endless opportunities to explore every creation the world has to offer, from the smallest molecule to the largest planet.

Whether it be from up above, underneath, or looking right inside – VR provides the opportunity to observe and explore objects or scenarios that would not otherwise be possible in the real world. 

Take a walk over an enormous map of any country, peek inside the chambers of the human heart, check out the view from the back of a stegosaurus!

Gathering enough resources for every single student can be a financial hardship in the real world – especially when materials are expensive, hard to come by, or tricky to replicate. 

In VR, it’s as easy as copy and paste! All of our 3D modeled IFX objects can be built to meet any specifications, giving each student an identical experience at no additional cost.

When an activity requires a specific level of care, it can isolate students who may not be able to participate safely. 

In VR, there is no risk at all! Light your bunsen burners, explore your toxic chemicals, climb tall towers, or explore the depths of a molten volcano all from the safety of VR.

In activities that require specific data or detailed measurements, the real world environment can have a negative impact on those results. 

VR is an excellent way to maintain the accuracy of data-based results and provide overall consistency from experiment to experiment.

B. Pricing

C. Where are my products?

  • To access all user instructions, professional development, curricular materials, and to manage your content for VXRLabs and VXR Web, you will need a login for our learning management system, VXR Nexus. 
  • An invitation to VXR Nexus will come automatically with purchase. If you do not receive your welcome email within 24 hours, please check your spam folder.
  • If you are unable to locate your welcome email, please contact info@victoryxr.com.

II. Product FAQs

To access our suite of products, open VXRNexus.

A. VXRLabs (VXRL):

  • Need help with VXRL? (User Instructional Guide) For Team Leads of an Organization
  • WiFi and Firewalls
    • In order to access content, your VR headset(s) must be connected to your facility’s WiFi internet connection.
    • In order to host and join multi-user simulations within VXRLabs, your WiFi connection must be configured to open certain “ports.” Please share this information with your facility’s Internet administrators
    • VXRLabs is available only on the Meta Quest 2 and Meta Quest 3 VR headsets (as of November 2023). This means that Meta’s server connections must also be allowed. These connection requests may appear as “gateway.facebook.com” and “mqtt-mini.facebook.com.” Please note that opening these connections will not allow students to access social media within their VR headsets. These server names are merely a carry-over from when Meta was called Facebook prior to October of 2021.
    • VXRLabs allows students and teachers to participate in synchronous (multiplayer) simulations and experiences! This means that your WiFi connection must meet certain requirements:
      • Speed: 50 Mbps Download, 15 Mbps Upload. 
      • You can test your WiFi speeds at https://www.speedtest.net using your phone, or PC. (ensure that you are connected to the relevant WiFi before you test!)
    • Hardware compatibility
    • Ages
    • Subjects



C. VXR.Direct (VXRD):


D. VictoryXR Academy (VXRA): (Instructional Guides)

Should VR replace teachers and/or curriculum?

  • No, it is just a supplement.

Do you provide pre-written curriculum?

  • A team of educators have aligned our product to standards and packages relevant to pre-existing curricula.

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