Pico Interactive & VictoryXR Announce Classroom 1:1 VR Headset Campaign

San Francisco — Pico Interactive, a company developing headsets for the global market and one of China’s leading sellers of virtual reality hardware and VictoryXR, the award-winning American education content creator, announced a joint partnership today to launch an initiative to offer an affordable package for 1:1 classroom headsets. The initiative is called, ‘VR in a Box’.


Steve Grubbs, CEO of VictoryXR, compared Pico VR Headsets to that of Google’s Chromebook in 2011:

“Eight years ago, Google launched the Chromebook and made 1:1 computing a reality for thousands of American classrooms. This Pico-VictoryXR partnership can do the same thing for VR in the classroom.”


  • The 5-headset classroom bundle will sell for $1,250 while the 20-headset bundle will sell for $5,000.
  • It will include a Netflix-style education content platform for a low monthly fee.
  • The content platform will launch with 54 unique VR titles and 240 unique VR experiences.


“Cost and content have been the two major friction points for virtual reality adoption in the classroom. By getting the cost down for both, we believe we have cracked the code for rapid classroom adoption,” said Steve Grubbs, CEO of VictoryXR.

The market research firm IDC forecasts that VR/AR headset shipments will see a sharp increase starting this year. In the next 5 years, the annual growth of VR/AR device sales will reach 52.5%, and by 2023, VR/AR shipments will exceed 30 million units. [https://www.idc.com/getdoc.jsp?containerId=prUS45326719]


Pico is a pioneer in untethered headsets and a leader in the Chinese market.

Pico Interactive is a Leader in the Chinese VR Market


VictoryXR is an international leader in AR/VR education content, winning the Viveport Award for best VR education content of 2018.  Learn more: VictoryXR.com

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